June 23, 2024


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FanLive Fantasy, the Euro base game!

FanLive Fantasy is the perfect fantasy soccer game for soccer fans as well as beginners. The app is launching a special version dedicated to Euro 2020.

FanLive Fantasy It is a fantasy football application open to the general public, it offers the ability to follow the performance of the chosen team in real time, thanks to a technology and algorithm developed by the creators of the game. The goal is to compose his team with the tournament’s players FanLive Fantasy And to be able to earn points based on actual industry performance.

But a big revolution is coming for the month of June, as the update will allow access to a special edition of the European Championship 2020 (11 June – 11 July 2021). Thus, each player will be able to choose their own hearts and form a team with their favorite players from among the eligible options forEuro 2020. A competition in which you can challenge your friends by creating your own league and showing who will be number one.

Many prizes to win

But be careful, you will have to be a strategist because you will have to manage your budget to buy your players, and to spice things up, rewards / money cards can be used to boost your points or slow down your opponents’ points. A general ranking will be created at the end of each day and several prizes will be presented each day, as well as different endowments for each level.

The application FanLive Fantasy It was released on Apple and Google Play stores in September 2020 and already has over 150,000 downloads, including nearly 20,000 simultaneous subscribers for every live match. Wait no more and download your app now on Android and iOs.