May 20, 2024


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Fake Comments: ChatGPT floods Amazon with fake comments

Fake Comments: ChatGPT floods Amazon with fake comments

If you are looking for a good product, you often not only rely on the manufacturer’s promises, but also look at the reviews of other buyers. Product ratings have a decisive influence on the purchase decision – for example on Amazon. It gets even more annoying when it turns out that the feedback didn’t come from “real” users, but was rigged by agencies on behalf of the manufacturer and then uploaded.

Fake Reviews: ChatGPT is flooding Amazon

This plague is now growing: how CNBC reportsAmazon is currently experiencing a veritable flood of fake user reviews. They come from ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence, which is currently being promoted immeasurably, outputs product reviews in milliseconds. Just give it some keywords – done.

ChatGPT: Spot fake comments easily

Fortunately, in many cases, fakers don’t even bother to double-check the review written by ChatGPT. Since texts that originate from AI often begin with the phrase “As a model of AI language…” (As a unit of AI language…) – and thus reveal themselves. This makes it very easy for the user to identify the fake review. Fake reviews are of course a thorn in Amazon’s side. Their legal department is constantly taking action against counterfeiters, most recently against some 11,000 websites and authors of false user comments.

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