July 1, 2022


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Fagner was denounced and could be up to 12 matches

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD) has denounced Corinthians fan Wagner in Section 254-A of the CBJD (Brazil Sports Justice Act) for the red card he received in the match against Juve, on December 9 last year. The trial is taking place on Monday (24th), and if found guilty, Timão’s No. 23 could take a hook from four to 12 games.

On that occasion, in the final round of the Brazilian Championship, Wagner was sent off in the final minutes of the match for hitting striker Capixaba of Juventud. In the summary, the referee informed Rodolfo Toschi Marquez of what had happened and also reported that the Corinthians player refused to leave Alfredo Gaccone’s park after receiving a red card.

“Mr. Wagner was sent off with a direct red card in the 45th minute of the second half, because after a foul against his team, he kicked his opponent’s belly (belly) using excessive force, when the match was already paralyzed. I also inform you that the expelled player resisted leaving the field of play, and the referee had to The fourth contained him and removed him. I inform you that the affected player continued normally in the match.”

Based on the match photos and also on the referee’s report, Corinthians were denounced in Section 254-A of the CBJD, which states that 4 to 12 matches are to be suspended for ‘physical aggression during a match, competition or equivalent’. If a Timão defender is convicted, the suspension is only valid for matches organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation (Copa Brasil and Brazilian Championship).

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As Corinthians mentioned,

In the same match, the court’s attorney also denounced Corinthians in Section 213 of the Justice and Development Act “for failing to take measures that would prevent and suppress”. In Caxias do Sul, Timao fans lit torches in the stands also in the final minutes of the match, which Juventud won, 1-0.