October 24, 2021


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Explore (re)discover the legendary bars of Brussels

If you spend the summer in Brussels, I promise: you will not be bored. Lots of activities are offered, such as this exploration game, which you have discovered Brussels secret, which allows you to explore the old quarters of the capital. Old town in Brussels It offers the curious to discover the most famous beer in the country, discover stories about the underground river and about the famous people who loved to drink a pint in Brussels.

In the shoes of a budding brewer

ThisThe premier scavenger hunt app turns Brussels into a life-size exploration ground. Do you think you know our beloved capital like the back of your hand? You might be surprised. For over an hour and a half, you’re in the 1800s as you sneak up on the skin of the son of a brewer from a small village near Brussels.

Despite your laziness, you have no choice but to help your father. In fact, the latter threatens to kick you out, unless you learn how to make beer. You have no other choice. Select, you push the doors of all capital bars to collect the best tips and recipes for making good beer. A well-crafted plot allows you to learn the hidden stories of the city. You will in particular discover the bars frequented by famous people of the time such as the surrealist painter René Magritte and the poet Charles Baudelaire. In order to find the best beer recipe, you will have to solve twelve puzzles. The clues will be hidden all over Brussels. Be careful , This challenges you: “Will you be able to do what your father tells you to do, or will you end up with a file Hangover in the gutter?

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The treasure hunt begins at the brewery golden paper flower. The smartphone is in hand, you will have to follow the instructions of the application. To participate, you will have to pay 14.99 for two people. To learn more, click iover there.

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