June 18, 2024


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Everyone wants to take their place: the first photo of Laurence Poccolini at the helm of the game … with surprises

Monday 28th June Production Everyone wants to replace him Unveiled the first image of the future of the France 2 game. On the program: a new host, but also a new panel and a new logo.

On April 14, Nagui announced a small revolution in the small French audiovisual world: after 14 seasons and more than 5,000 episodes aired (a tape was shown last May), the host is preparing for leave the reins Everyone wants to replace him, his midday game in France 2. Companion Melanie Page said he felt the end of the course and the game needed a breath of fresh air. A new era will pass this summer with a new face: Lawrence Poccolini is in charge TLMVPSP, former host of Low money It was preferred after several trials. We now know that this won’t be the only program change.

Lots (too much?) of changes

A member of the game’s production team has already unveiled the first photo of Lawrence Poccolini in the middle of filming on set. Everyone wants to replace him. But his presence is not the most shocking thing in the picture: we can see it The painting is completely different, uniquely recognizable thanks to the presence of the primary red chair of the hero. The Show logo Completely revisited too: out of the big purple letters on a white background, hello toVery stylized writing Against a blue planet background, again with the chair icon of the game. What annoys France 2 fans when they turn on their TV this summer. However, Will Lawrence Pocolini managed it Breathe new life to me Everyone wants to replace him And win the hearts of fans? I will answer in a few weeks.

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