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“EVERISE Clip Book Light'', a clip-on reading light that makes reading before bed easier[أنا سعيد لأنني اشتريت هذا]|  LifehackerJapan

“EVERISE Clip Book Light'', a clip-on reading light that makes reading before bed easier[أنا سعيد لأنني اشتريت هذا]| LifehackerJapan

For me, who reads about 150 work-related books a year, bedtime reading before going to bed is a daily routine.

For this reason, I was particularly interested in lighting, and used LEDs with good color rendering (sunlight-like), which are also used by professional photographers.

Well, I recently realized there was a problem. I often fall asleep while reading. Even when you're asleep, the lights are on, making it easy to wake up unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

As a result, my sleep quality deteriorated dramatically, and I often found myself feeling sleepy during the day. The “stop reading before bed” option is difficult because it directly leads to a decrease in the amount of reading…so I found this on Amazon:EVERISE Clip Book LightReading lightHe is.

[يوصى باستخدام “EVERISE Clip Book Light” لهؤلاء الأشخاص! ]

  • People who often read before bed
  • People who want a reading light that only illuminates their hands
  • I'm looking for an item that can hold the pages of a book together securely.

Cut it out on a book and highlight the pages

This reading light isExtra small size measures 10cm high x 3.0cm wideTo the bookCrop directly to illuminate only the open pageProduct with this concept.

If you think about it, reading before bed only requires that the page you're currently reading be bright. And that's a reading lightEven if you fall asleep with the light on, the amount of light is not enough to illuminate your bedroom space and will not have a negative impact on your sleep quality.(Unless it shines in your face.)

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I decided to purchase this because it uses much less electricity than an AC powered lamp.

The contents of the small box are just the main unit, a USB-C to A cable, and a simple manual.

Photo: Takuya Suzuki
Photo: Takuya Suzuki

Bright enough and very lightweight

The mechanism is also very simple. Firstly,Fully charged in about 1 hourmaybe,Lights up to 80 hourscorrect. There is a switch on the front of the main unit that turns it on and off.

Below the switch is a setting button that changes the light intensity and color temperature (white to orange) each time you press it. The light itself is located at the top of the main unit and is 1.5cm tall x 3.0cm wide. This light can be rotated 180 degrees.

easy to use. There is a large clip on the back.Now just insert some pages including the book cover. Once pressed, rotate the light 180 degrees to illuminate the page you are reading.

When you first start using it, you don't have to worry about whether it is okay to use such a small light.There was enough light to read the text clearly..

Photo: Takuya Suzuki
Photo: Takuya Suzuki

Another thing I was concerned about was the possibility of my hands getting tired from the heaviness of the light. However, despite the size of the main body,Ultra lightweight design weighs only 33 grams. It has good stability and comfort, which distinguishes it from similar products.

This tool has taken my night reading life to the next level. This is a recommended item for those who love to read.

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source: Amazon.co.jp