February 2, 2023


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Equipped with new technology: adopts intelligent machine technology

Appropriate and modern machine technology is required for the further successful development of the company. This is reflected in Komatsu’s i technology. According to the manufacturer, the PC290LCi-11 hydraulic excavator not only meets applicable EU Stage V exhaust emissions standards, but also impresses with increased fuel efficiency by up to 6% less consumption.

Photo: Kuhn Baumaschinen Germany

In order to effectively achieve this goal, the company recently purchased the latest intelligent machine technology from Komatsu: PC290LCi-11 excavator and D71PXi-24 tractor.

The machines are used, among others, in the areas of landscaping and earthworks, design of compensation areas, clearing, re-saturation and flood protection.

Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH is now working with around 40 machines on up to ten construction sites in parallel. In 1992 Eberhard Hälbich founded his company and quickly gained a good reputation with agricultural services and continued to expand. Since 2001 he has been successful in providing many jobs related to energy wood. In 2021, Hälbich will open a new workshop and storage area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. As a medium-sized company with approximately 60 employees, it now specializes in all services related to wood and nature and is one of the most efficient companies in this field in Bavaria.

Increased fuel efficiency

For the successful further development of the company and to be able to carry out more comprehensive tasks, you also need the latest appropriate machine technology. This is reflected in Komatsu’s i technology. Not only does the PC290LCi-11 hydraulic excavator comply with applicable EU Stage V emissions standards, but it also increases fuel efficiency by up to 6 percent less. Maximum operator comfort and new Komatsu safety equipment, which meets the latest safety standards and reduces hazards to people in the cab and around the machine. Detection of the neutral position of the control arms for undercarriage and work equipment increases safety on the construction site – as do a seat belt indicator and an audible drive alert. Highly abrasion-resistant treads with a non-slip surface ensure maximum safety in the long run.

On the other hand, its competitive advantage lies in Komatsu’s innovative factory-integrated machine control system. This technical innovation allows the driver to fully focus on operational efficiency, while the system ensures that material is transported exactly as planned.

The new Komatsu D71PXi-24 crawler was purchased for a variety of earthmoving and remodeling operations. In addition to the size of the caterpillar, the efficiency of the machine and the reliability of the old Komatsu caterpillar, together with the reliable support of Kuhn, convinced the entrepreneur. In addition to the grub’s ease of use and clarity, the built-in GPS was of course also convincing. Blade-mounted machine control components by other manufacturers have been replaced by Komatsu with two factory-mounted GNSS antennas installed on the cab roof, an advanced inertial measurement unit (IMU+) and cylinders with stroke sensors. The daily installation and removal of antennas and cables on the shield is no longer necessary and the wear and tear associated with components is eliminated.

Reducing operating costs

The D71PX-24 is versatile and recommended for grading and earthmoving. The new EU Stage V Komatsu engine is productive, reliable and efficient. Low emission values ​​increase environmental friendliness and the powerful engine helps reduce operating costs. The hydrostatic motor ensures maximum performance for the D71PX-24.

During use, it provides the highest traction forces and a fuel-efficient motor for rough and fine grading work. With a choice of ‘quick shift’ or ‘variable speed’, the driver can adapt the machine’s performance to the respective operating conditions. So, Komatsu’s well-designed intelligent machine control, plus excellent dozer blade visibility, was ultimately a selling point. Komatsu machines complete the Hälbich machine range and represent another investment by the company in a successful future.

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