February 8, 2023


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Xgimi Intelligent Screen Adaptation 2.0 Technology for projectors and projectors

Thanks to smooth automatic keystone correction and smooth autofocus, the image of your monitor or projector is corrected and focused within a few seconds. According to Xgimi, ISA 2.0 guarantees a more accurate and, above all, faster skew correction, which also takes place without interruption. In addition, there is automatic keystone correction and more accurate and faster autofocus.

Xgimi Intelligent Screen Adaptation 2.0 is a smart feature that recognizes users and instantly dims the light, protecting eyes even if they accidentally stare into a projector’s light source. Xgimi’s Smart Screen Alignment feature is part of the original ISA technology also available in ISA 2.0, which automatically identifies the display surface and adjusts the screen to each edge. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the angles.

ISA 2.0 also includes another feature users already know from the original ISA technology: Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance detects obstacles in the display area using a new screen-sensing algorithm. While correcting the keystone, the screen also avoids obstacles on the walls and independently finds a more suitable viewing surface. For households with a large number of wall decorations, this means a huge time saving when aligning the picture.

Another improvement of ISA 2.0 is runtime scaling. Compared to before, ISA 2.0 calculates the distance between the light source and the projection surface faster and maps the depth of the room in which the projector is located. In this way, the upgraded ISA technology captures more details of the environment more accurately and improves the projection based on this data. ISA 2.0 technology is used in the MoGo 2 Pro, for example.

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