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Elton John testifies for defense in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial

Elton John testifies for defense in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial

Lawyers for Kevin Spacey enlisted the help of a top-tier star Monday in his country sexual assault trialin which he called Elton John and his husband to question one of the Academy Award winner’s accusers at the end of the defense case.

John appeared briefly in the London court via video link from Monaco after his husband, David Furnish, testified that Spacey had not attended the annual party at their Windsor home at the time the accused said he was attacked in a car.

One of the alleged victims said he was driving with Spacey to the White Tie & Tiara Ball in 2004 or 2005 when he grabbed the actor’s crotch so hard he almost ran off the road.

Furnish corroborated Spacey’s own testimony that the only year he attended the event was 2001. Furnish said he reviewed photos taken at the party from 2001 to 2005 and that Spacey only appeared in photos that year. He said that all the guests were photographed every year.

John, who was wearing yellow glasses, a dark jacket and a light blue shirt with an open collar, said the actor attended the ceremony once in the early 2000s and arrived after flying to England on a private plane.

Furnish said Spacey’s appearance came as a surprise and he remembered her because she was such a big deal.

“He was an Academy Award-winning actor and there was a lot of fuss and excitement because he was playing with the ball,” said Furnish, who also testified from Monaco.

John said the actor spent the night at their home after the event. He also confirmed that Spacey had bought a Mini Cooper at the auction that night for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Spacey said he spent the most money “ever” on this car model and kept it in John’s garage so he could pick it up later.

The alleged victim said he may have missed the year, but he wasn’t going to forget the accident because he was out of breath and was driving and nearly crashed into the car.

However, the timeline is significant because the man witnessed Spacey fondling him over the course of several years beginning in the early 2000s. He said the accident was the last time. He threatened to hit the actor, after which he spared him.

Spacey said the two were friends and engaged in a romantic liaison but the guy was straight, so the actor respected his wish not to move on. He said he was devastated when he learned the man had complained to the police about it and said the man had “reimagined” what he had been consensual touching.

Furnish said he was familiar with the accuser and called him a “witch”, the same term used by Spacey.

Spacey took the stage on Thursday For the first time during his trial in the United Kingdom, he denied the allegations of four men against him and offered his own account of events and relationships. The Hollywood actor has been accused by men of sexual assault, indecent assault and causing someone to engage in sexual activity without their consent.

Spacey owns Not guilty For everyone 12 counts against him. The defendants, who gave video evidence in the courtroom this week, cannot be named publicly under British law.

Spacey’s stellar acting career largely came to an end in 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp publicly accused him of sexual misconduct, but he deflected those accusations and sexual misconduct in a 2019 case in Massachusetts.

As Spacey finished his degree Thursday, the actor got emotional and pondered how his career had come to a sudden halt.

“My world exploded,” a sobbing Spacey told the court, referring to Rapp’s initial 2017 claim that it ended his award-winning career. “There was a rush of judgment and before the first question was asked or answered I lost my job, lost my reputation and lost everything in a matter of days.”

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