April 23, 2024


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Electronic Transfer: Correction and Next Survey imminent!

Tajila looks up to you, just as she looks to EFT Wipe! Source: Battlestate Games

Dear Escap fan of Tarkov! It’s almost time. After several pre-patch events happened in the game and the economy flooded with money and good equipment, the next big patch 0.12.11 for the Battlestate Games hardcore shooter is likely to be released next week.

This – although not officially announced by the developer and publisher yet – should also contain a wipe until your progress including equipment, level, completed missions, and cache is reset to 0. The next reset has been longed for some time, especially by Those who play a lot.

You will learn BSG – hopefully

In the past there were times a period of about a month passed between pre-patch events and post-wipe, but this hurt the player base significantly. Assuming BSG has learned from this bug, it makes sense that we’ll have both Patch and Wipe next week.

Since Battlestate Games doesn’t usually release major updates on the weekends, we can expect the rollout between next Monday, June 28 and the following Friday, July 2, 2021. It’s also common for us to be provided with official patch notes shortly before the major EFT update. This is still missing. Once patch feedback is submitted, the associated patch should also be activated in about three days.

Where does the information come from?

As mentioned briefly in the text, the upcoming survey has not been officially announced by developer and publisher Battlestate Games. However, Escape from Tarkov Wipe would like to confirm and find out what is probably one of the most famous and comprehensive creators of “Pestily”, who deals almost exclusively with hardcore FPS and has already worked several times with Battlestate Games COO Nikita Boyanov, better known as “Nikita”.

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When Pestelli predicts an escape from Tarkov, he is rarely wrong. Here, too, he stresses the importance of scanning very quickly after the events that have just occurred. The events, which specifically made Scav Bosse appear, among other things, made the “Labs” card available for free and opened up some other opportunities to get an infinite amount of money in the game, completely destroying the economy.

You can see his argument for yourself in the following video:

When does 0.12.11 scan come?

Pestily goes further than what we did above in the text when it comes to debugging including the Escape from Tarkov scan. It describes how in the past Battlestate Games has posted updates during the week at 11am, and we avoided the weekend. It even excludes Friday and expects a correction of 0.12.11 between Monday and Thursday at the mentioned time.

Disclaimer: We sincerely hope BSG does not make the mistake of waiting several weeks after an economically devastating pre-correction event before actually clearing. However, there is of course a chance that this could happen again, as neither the patch date nor the survey has been officially announced. So keep that in mind despite all the anticipation and euphoria.

What is in the patch?

Of course, we do not know yet all the changes and details that will await us in the 0.12.11 patch. However, it can be assumed that the expansion of the factory map, which was detailed in May, including the new Scav head located there, will come with a content patch. More here:

EFT: Factory map expansion imminent

First look at the new president

If you really want to pee your pants in front of the new factory boss Tajila and his heavy hammer, here’s your first teaser:

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