January 25, 2022


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EFC88 Under 15 Shirts Set

The under-15 number one Espoir Foot 88 team has received a new set of club red and white ‘Jerseys – Shorts’ presented and presented by sponsor Garage Sacrispeyre in Baraqueville. Young people released their new jerseys in the most beautiful way, winning 6-0 over Saint Afrique.

This U15 class had a good first part of the season. Team 1 is in the process of qualifying for the Territory Stage along with the other top four teams in the Aveyron Division 1 standings.

Team 2 is currently 3rd in their championship before the last day. If you finish in this place, you will advance to the next level in the second stage. This weekend on November 20 and 21, the Big Three won an impressive 3-1 victory for Team El Alam at Parakeville Municipal Stadium against Al Deer Club. These successes allow the Big Three teams to position themselves at the top of their respective league standings.

Upcoming events

Espoir Foot 88 calendars will be distributed in December by seniors (and under-19s), women, veterans and club educators. The traditional “calendar tour” will take place on Saturday 18th December. Thanks in advance to all residents of EFC88 municipalities who will maintain a warm welcome to our volunteers.

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