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EA SPORTS WRC Graphics Settings |  Formula E comprehensive information website EVracing.jp

EA SPORTS WRC Graphics Settings | Formula E comprehensive information website EVracing.jp

EA SPORTS WRC is a new simulator that emerged as a rally racing simulator.
This time we will present the graphic settings that affect the quality of the stages expressed in EA WRC and the weight of the game.

First, press F1 on the main menu to open options.

Basic drawing settings

First, select “Basic Graphics” which contains graphics settings such as display settings.WRC_XIsf6tClmi

Here you can adjust the game display settings and screen settings.
These are important setup items, so be sure to check each item carefully before setup.


·Accuracy:This item adjusts the screen resolution. The resolution displayed will vary depending on the monitor you are using. It is mainly modified when using window mode.
·Display mode:You can choose between windowed mode, borderless mode, and full screen mode. Borderless is recommended for modern computers.
・ Anti-aliasing quality:This is a setting to display borders such as edges smoothly. High quality will make the dots smoother.
・Vsync:Displayed at the specified frame rate on the screen. If your computer has sufficient performance, enabling it will reduce the additional load on your computer.
Anisotropic filtration:This is a setting to display the remote view in detail. If the close-up image is clear but the distance is blurry, try increasing this setting.
・Main menu frame rate:This setting lowers the frame rate to reduce unnecessary load when operating menus etc. other than driving.
・ Upscale:This is a setting to enlarge the fabric and reduce its weight. In the case of NVIDIA graphics, it is possible to use optional DLSS.
・Upgrading quality:You can adjust the upscale quality.
・Dynamic resolution:Reduces blurring and smoothes edges when drawing distant scenes or linear objects.

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Game graphics settings

For game graphics settings, select Advanced Graphics from the menu.


Here you can adjust the game graphics.
You can easily change general settings using presets, but you can also make detailed adjustments to the settings that best suit your environment.WRC_NL033nU78L

・Preset quality:You can easily adjust the general graphics. Basically, adjust the overall graphics with this item.
·Shadows:You can adjust the shadow quality. It greatly affects the load of the computer.
·the fog:You can adjust visibility effects such as fog and mist.
·grains:You can adjust the quality of effects such as sand smoke and sparks.
·weather:You can adjust the weather quality.
Mobilize:You can adjust the drawing quality.
・Land cover:You can adjust the quality around the ground. Affects the number of items displayed near the grass and soft ground on the side of the field.
·the trees:You can adjust the wood quality.
・Dynamic objects:You can adjust the quality of dynamic objects. This applies to trackside signage and regulation lines such as masking tape.
・Car Reflections:You can adjust the reflection quality of your car. Machines with metallic or chrome plating will look completely different.
・Post-processing quality:You can adjust the quality of additional effects. This applies to screen effects such as lens flare and bloom effects.
・Mirrors:You can adjust the quality of mirrors such as rear view mirrors.
Ski marks:You can adjust the width of tire marks.
·a path:You can adjust the quality of the road surface.
・Texture:Texture quality can be adjusted. It affects the overall quality.
・Shading:You can adjust the shading quality. It affects the overall quality.
Motion blur:Motion blur settings. When an object moves at high speed, an afterimage appears, increasing the sensation of speed.

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Compare drawing settings

This is a comparison of 5 types of graphic settings that can be selected as presets.
From top to bottom: very low/low/medium/high/excess.


General information about EA SPORTS WRC

EA SPORTS WRC – General Information Summary

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