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"Downstairs 2 x 06 - The Big Brown Spy" - TrekZone Network

“Downstairs 2 x 06 – The Big Brown Spy” – TrekZone Network

Lower Decks Season 2 enters Episode 6, this time about peace negotiations with the Pakleds. So when we look at the episode, we’ll ask ourselves, how do they screw it up this time? So be careful spoilers.

die Pakleds

You’ve been configured as a new opponent since the beginning of the season – to be exact since the end of Season One – now you can see more Pakled people for the first time. It’s a bit unfortunate at this point that one saw so little of the new “Big Bads” and that space battles were only marginal. The Pakelds have now also earned their place at the front.

And why Cerritus in particular is being sent there and not ships like Titan directly involved in the conflict is certainly open to debate. But the Enterprise was sometimes where it was needed, and it’s also the only ship within range, so we don’t want to complain about that now.

Pakleds are served as we know them: slightly restrained. Not only is it the person with the biggest helmet base, but sometimes there is a rebellion too. Not to mention the confusion between Freeman and Janeway, this serves more as a pinnacle of fan service. However, the viewer on this planet is able to convince with amusing jokes, even the last scene with the spy of the same name. The most that can be asked is how such a society works in the long term.

Pakleds and their big helmets (Photo: Basements 2×06, CBS)

Abnormal uniformity service – one word to the executioner!

And this time, this type of basement was allocated. In short, this means that you must collect the artifacts that the elders brought with them. Anyone who expects a lot of well-known hints or hints of hidden objects here will be pleasantly surprised, because the artifacts presented are all new. However, with some, you have to ask yourself why there are such dangerous things freely. However, these scenes are also attractive, especially as they bring the forces closer together at the end.

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Mariner Tendi is finally calling by his first name, and especially towards the end, the solidarity of our troops becomes apparent again – nice character developments, but we’ll get to that in a moment. During the collecting drive, there are a few quick cuts and an omniscient Mariner seems to be getting it all consciously on. It is executed in a very funny way and delights from front to back.

As mentioned, one cannot help but criticize that some artifacts are a bit powerful, after all, they lead to transformations. First with Rutherford, then with Tendy. (Again at this point, comment: I would have liked to see it in a real series). But even here, you shouldn’t complain too much, because the scenes work and especially the ending with Tendi in the ship’s bar act as a catalyst for more mayhem, but so do the character scenes that work well. That’s why we love it here, too.

You can squeeze a little more into the disgust factor, because the episode includes the famous scene in which Tendi is devoured and eliminated again. Fecal humor isn’t for everyone, luckily it sticks to that scene.

Fun artifacts. (Photo: Basements 2 x 06, CBS)

Boimler on the wrong track

We also take a look at Boimler’s story, which this time got a red-shirt show. Again a bit on the inside – the red shirts are of course quite safe, although in the post-TNG era they actually represent the level of leadership. And that’s all there is to it.

Boimler is clearly squabbling with himself over whether he should let his teammates down and last season’s developments can also be seen here, because there is still something about leaving for Titan. I wished for a moment that he’d say no really, but he’d get weak after that. At first I thought it was a shame, but with the good scenes that followed, you can forgive these mistakes. Fortunately, his colleagues on the lower floors interpret the whole thing as an excuse to escape rather than an ambition for higher positions…

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This is followed by a (somewhat unnecessary) change before there is a motivational speech on the Galactic Bridge (ref!). So Boimler can do that, and as we’ll see in a bit, he’s also absorbed Starfleet’s principles. Picard would be proud.

Because when Tendi turns, he’s the one who heroically throws himself in the road and uses his knowledge to solve the situation. This was already pointed out when he shone with his specialized knowledge and is now constantly followed up. The fact that Tendi is laughing at her afterward is a gift – it fits the picture and just shows that there is now a true friendship between the Unterdecklers. Much more important at this point is that Boimler directs the rally to his fellow Red Shirt Club and even gets support.

Well, there’s always something weird (read: an inaccessible one), but the “bonus” follows it right away. Not only does Ransom compliment Boimler in front of everyone else (and shows that lower decks are scored sometimes – pretty good!), Ransom can also get down to the nitty-gritty on the bridge. literally. One can feel sorry – or gloated…

Anyway, it’s a powerful scene in which Poehler really reaches out to his comrades (by the way, Kzinti is also here). One of the female pennants even wants to meet him. You can build on this nicely for future episodes and connect a love triangle with Mariner, who then confesses her love for Boimler. In any case, it would be more than appropriate and the basements have shown that one does not care and respond to these developments. Let’s see what happens.

The Red Shirt Club (Photo: Basements 2×06, CBS)

Now what about the spy?

The spy who gives the nickname is still missing, who turns out to be Buckled, who initially wants asylum, but then wants to spy on the ship in a somewhat inaccurate way. Here Ransom and Kayshon play babysitters and are actually quite funny at first (a souvenir shop!). Of course it comes as it should come and go goodness to donate.

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However, the two officers should not be alarmed, because fortunately, Pakled shuts itself down in the usual way. The scenes are entertaining and beautiful, just like the ones on Planet Pakled, but they only serve as a hook for the story. The focus is on Boimler and the others, and that’s a good thing.

Let’s see what will be done with the grand conspiracy against the Earth in the future. At the end there is another comic reference to TNG (1×23, Black Soul), when Armus is dug up again and harassed. From a comedy standpoint, I can understand the scene and it’s also funny, but should you really be so angry with such a powerful being? However, in the cartoon version, it looks almost better than in the real one.


An episode that deals with just about everything and combines scenes of humor and character in a beautiful way. There’s not much to complain about here and the developments described make you want more.

classification: 5 out of 6 stars (5/6)

Episode info

the ring 16 (season 2, episode 6)
original title giant spy
German title Big Brown Spy
First broadcast in the USA Thursday 16 September 2021
The first broadcast in Germany Friday 17 September 2021
script John Cochrane
Director Bob Suarez
jogging time 25 minutes