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Distribution of Android version 1.0.release.588154122 “Special Computing Services” – Jetstream Blog

Distribution of Android version 1.0.release.588154122 “Special Computing Services” – Jetstream Blog

  • On Friday, December 8, 2023, app version update v1.0.release.588154122 for the Android app Special Computing Services began distribution.
  • Functional improvements and bug fixes in the operating system
  • Private Compute Services is an essential application for connecting a Private Compute Core, which cannot directly access the network, to the cloud.

Application version update v1.0.release.588154122 for the Android app “Private Compute Services” was released on Friday, December 8, 2023.

The contents of the update for Special Computing Services version 1.0.release.588154122 include functional improvements with the operating system and bug fixes. So it’s a simple update.

Special computing services
Special Computing Services application v1.0.release.588154122

「Private Computing Services」

The Android application “Private Compute Services” is an Android application that runs separately from the operating system for privacy and security reasons, such as “Live Caption” and “What’s this song?”Basic private computing“And the cloud.

Although Private Compute Core is separate from the operating system and cannot directly access the network, it uses machine learning, so network or cloud access is required to update the machine learning function. For this purpose, the application of “Special Computing Services” is necessary. Cloud access to Private Compute Core is done via Private Compute Services while maintaining the highest level of security such as data encryption. Basic functions will be updated.

In addition, “Special Computing Services” is a software development platform where the application code is a software development platform.Published on GitHubSince it is open source, transparency is ensured, including the actual exchange of data.

The Private Computing Services app usually updates automatically overnight or while charging, but it won’t update if you disable automatic updates. It is always recommended to update to the latest version of the app, so make sure to enable automatic updates.

Link to the “Special Computing Services” application.

Get it from the Google Play Store

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