July 25, 2024


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Discover all armored technologies Lexus 570!

Discover all armored technologies Lexus 570!

Lexus 570 Armored VPAM 7-9 and VPAM VR 10 have been completely modernized inside and out. Today, the armored Lexus is no longer just an SUV, but a true example of a car of high stature, comfort and luxury.

With protection throughout the cabin, high-quality bulletproof multi-layer glass, and belly protection from blast, these models leave no one indifferent. Inside, there are eight seats covered in soft leather. It can thus accommodate up to 8 passengers despite being armored. The front seats are heated and ventilated, offering 10 driver and 8 co-pilot adjustments. Despite the highest level of protection for these two civilian cars, the Lexus 570 armored car can accelerate to a maximum of 140 km / h. Something that pleases fans of high speed, while maintaining a luxurious and comfortable look. If you want to know more about armored cars, we recommend the site https://www.voitureblindee.fr Eyes closed.

The vehicle is equipped with ten airbags. In these 10 airbags, the advantage is that there is one at knee level for the driver and front passenger, and two chest passenger side airbags in the second row of seats. Some options allow this vehicle to be more appreciated such as, for example, automatic door locks, windshield defrosting and removal, emergency exit or even digital locking on the liftgate, etc … This ensures ease of use and additional safety measures are not Present with other manufacturers. This vehicle is fully protected, and the armor capsule protects 100% of the passenger compartment, which corresponds to the high-strength B7 protection level, unlike other armored vehicles that are usually around the safety of the B6.

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