May 27, 2024


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Diablo 4 now offers items across Prime Gaming that you could previously purchase for real money

Diablo 4 now offers items across Prime Gaming that you could previously purchase for real money

Blizzard often gives away “free” items via Amazon Prime to fans who play their games. Diablo 4 has now also received a new pack via Twitch, but that’s exactly what’s getting the community talking.

What is the problem? On Reddit, users are discussing a new item bundle from Prime Gaming. The Brackish Length pack is for Diablo 4 and can be collected for free with an active Amazon Prime subscription. (via

However, the package looks familiar to many fans. It sold out in the expensive item shop even before its free debut, and that pissed off some players. For them, it’s like a slap in the face.

Don’t you know the official trailer for the upcoming first season? Here it is in full:

Diablo 4: Season Official Announcement Trailer

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“I see this as a lesson not to spend more money in Diablo 4”

How do the players react? Some fans aren’t really happy with Blizzard’s decision. Reddit user ProvokedGaming speaks from close experience:

  • My wife was angry. Bought it and then they refused to refund it because it was free after about a week. She said she was no longer interested in spending money in the Item Shop.

And this is not the first case. ShannaraAK is also upset about the hasty purchase:

  • Yes. In store. I was stupid enough to buy it, and now they’re giving it away. unbelievable.

Additionally, Reddit user defaced Also as a lesson on what not to do in Diablo 4 in the future:

  • I won’t even bother trying. I just take this as a lesson I learned about not spending anything on D4.
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Can I safely spend money on Diablo 4 in the future? Depending on the cosmetic item or skin, you may decide you want to spend real money. You can never know in advance what bundle or collection Blizzard will be offering through Twitch Prime, but either way, these are just cosmetic items that aren’t necessary.

In addition to its shop, Diablo 4 also offers enough free casting options that you can find in the world of Sanctuary that are nicer than the skins in the item shop: