February 22, 2024


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Destiny 2: Dawn on Amazon Prime Gaming

Destiny 2: Dawn on Amazon Prime Gaming

Eli Hawke

Destiny 2’s “The Dawn” event has begun and you can bake lots of cookies for all your fellow fighters. Stock up on in-game goodies and show the other Guardians that you’re the best at baking cookies. With the bread expression you are the star. Do you need a break? Then get your new alien ship, cruise through orbit and let the ghost of your loyal companion offer you a delicious hot drink!

This is how you can redeem your free goodies

  1. Visit Destiny 2 Prime games page
  2. sign in
  3. Select the activation button in “The Dawning Exotic Emote Bundle”
  4. Collect your contents in the tower, and you will no longer receive your loot from Rahul. There is a station in the lobby between Banshee-44 and Rahool where you can catch your content.

Fajr ornament 2023
Source: Bungie

Bake cookies in the pot 2

Every December, Eva returns to the tower and brings with her her winter oven to bake cookies. The ingredients may be a bit questionable; cabal oil and proprietary butter; But your colleagues don’t seem to mind. To bake cookies, you need a lot of ingredients and above all one thing: the starting core. The Lost Sector rewards you with up to 20 Dawn Essences. Efficient farm location; Especially if you team up with other guards and fight your way through the Lost Sector.