July 21, 2024


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Denying the new WhatsApp Terms of Use will have no effect in the end

Denying the new WhatsApp Terms of Use will have no effect in the end

The app will be unusable for those who refuse to update many of its essential features.

WhatsApp is following its most controversial update. The popular messaging app in recent months has issued a final warning to its users: Accept the new Terms of Use, which may include new data transfers, or settle for a flooded version of the service. In this case, users have until May 15 to decide.

After that the deadline passed. Some users of the app were able to minimize cracks, as opposed to its new privacy policy. In an article in the American media Next web, Confirms this drastic change in the spokesperson policy of the application. “We do not currently have a plan to limit the functionality of WhatsApp to those who do not accept the update.», We can read.

WhatsApp emptied its content

As a reminder, rejecting the new WhatsApp Terms of Use will result in a number of definite consequences without the account being deactivated. Among them, the inability to access the main screen of the application and discuss its dialogs. Review Users may not be able to start a conversation and may have responded to requests for their contacts.

They may also answer incoming phone and video calls. Time “A few weeksOnly. After that, WhatsApp will stop sending messages, calls and notifications on the phone, as noted at the time Application Help Center. In other words, WhatsApp has been rendered unusable … it’s time for its users to change their decision and accept the new terms of service.

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No explanation was given for this change. WhatsApp simply means it “Most users who saw the update accepted it“An update to WhatsApp’s privacy policy has caused worldwide panic. Facebook ordered Should be suspended for three months during the use of the data provided to him by the application. WhatsApp confirms this order “Based on a fundamental misunderstanding“Under the new rules, so it will be”There is no impact on the continuous deployment of the update.

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