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Dealing with the impossible is the challenge of the Tokyo Games pandemic – 06/25/2021 – Katia Rubio

I have many friends and acquaintances who find it difficult to change the course of life. I know this can be a personality trait, but I also see it as an association with the founder. Difficulty getting rid of old clothes, broken furniture, the impossibility of letting children go about their own lives even with adults are characteristic of this profile.

Meanwhile, social rules continue to determine the course of life for many, even though some are already riddled with dust and cobwebs, a sign of the passing of time. Norbert Elias in The Process of Civilization describes precisely how social norms are created and how they are changed. If silver spits were a staple in aristocratic homes in the nineteenth century, today they are nauseating at the prospect of someone spitting in the living room.

Not to mention table manners. While in some cultures the final burp is a compliment to the hosts for the food served, here in the tropics it seems like a great lack of manners.

This is how traditions are formed. Invented with the purpose of strengthening the habits of social groups and institutions, it has been naturalized over the years and begins to repeat after a few generations without question. It is noteworthy that the Olympic is one of these traditions. And that the Olympic Games are the public face of what was born as a philosophy.

When the International Olympic Committee was created in 1894, it was believed to have an institution made up of “polite men” with the goal of doubling down on exercise. Due to the value of this specific social class, sport was believed to be an essential component of education.

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And in order for the teams to play the same game, the rules for the different methods were created. Hence one of the core values ​​of the Olympiad, equality.

Since then, the rules have been modified in their details, while maintaining the essence of each. The conditions were favorable for the Olympic Games and it remains a centuries-old tradition. For decades, what has been seen has been the strengthening of sports institutions, specifically the International Olympic Committee.

Thus, the podium awards, the flag and the national anthem were invented to salute the hero. If in some sports this is defined by an unquestionable rating system, in others it is assumed that the platform has more than three places.

One of the challenges facing the Tokyo Games organizers is dealing with the impossible. Tests for Covid-19 infection will be conducted daily. This could have an impact on results, something not seen in previous Olympic editions.

In the styles you compete over the course of several days, The medal may be received by an athlete who did not necessarily compete in the end.

In other words, to prevent unfairness from spreading, the traditional rating system will be modified to include potentially injured athletes. Infected athletes will not be able to compete, but they will keep the results obtained until the moment the virus is detected, and may reach the podium without conducting the final.

Thus, Covid-19 is rebranding and breaking paradigms. Nothing has had a greater impact on the Olympic movement. I hope this is a lesson for humanity. Even traditions are subject to breaking.

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