June 13, 2024


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Daniela Lais and Jerome Eckmare, Vegan Baking Around the World with Cakes, Biscuits, Bread & Co. – Eschborner Stadtmagazin

You come out when you admit you’re not vegan and then write a review of a vegan cookbook or baking book. I think not! On the contrary. It’s even a book recognition when an open-minded, trained chef and gourmet honors these books and recipes with a positive review. Then the dishes should be good. “Vegan Bread” by Daniela Lais and Jerome Eckmare is such a book.

Image inside the book: Copyright ® DK-Verlag

Daniela lais Vegetarian for many years. The backpacker grew up in Austria and, after a few stops, now lives in the United States. As an avid pastry chef, she draws inspiration for her recipes from all over the world.

Image author: Copyright ® Boris Seifert

Jerome Eckmare He is a father of six and a trained chef. He and his family have been vegans for years. For him, cooking is a passion, a conscious life, vitality, and shared experiences. He lives in East Friesland and offers cooking courses throughout Germany, with high-quality natural ingredients playing a particularly important role.

Professionally speaking, I had vegetarian dishes on the menu very early, ie in the early 90’s. Vegetarianism was not even understood at that time. The bun was vegan anyway, if you don’t make a bacon bun. Vegan was almost impossible for me along with the muffins and pancakes. Because I’ve always been of the opinion that there is no cake without eggs.

Although some doughs have always been vegan anyway, like yeast dough and bread dough. Today you can replace the egg with the simplest natural means. Attention there are no chemicals. Good description in this book. Although I am against advertising vegetarian dishes with recognizable meat names, this is not a problem for me with baked goods, because I immediately recognize what kind of pastries, cakes, tart, etc. are.

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Whether it’s Linzertorte, carrot cake or brownies. The brilliant idea of ​​Daniela Lais and Jerome Eckmare to travel the world, taking regional baked goods, cakes, and desserts and incorporating them into vegan recipes, also fits in well. Enrichment for our future kitchen/pastry shop. Vegan bread or vegan banking? I couldn’t resist that pun. With an introduction to vegan baking, this book by Daniela Lais and Jerome Eckmare is a knowledge bank. Through tips, tricks, recommendations, and explanations, the two have created the best foundation for making the shift from traditional to vegan/baking cuisine. The introduction guides you in the best possible way, what to replace with what and how to deal with it without losing connection and flair. The Simply Vegan double page is fantastic. There is no better way to do this. Product information and trade tools, namely baking tools, are only an appendix. This book shows how to bake a vegan cake that no one will notice! But they do something for themselves, the environment and the protection of the animal world. I am already doing that.

Vegan Baking, Daniela Lais and Jerome Eckmare, DK, ISBN: 978-3-8310-4501-3, hardcover, over 80 recipes, pp. 192, €22.95.