June 18, 2024


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Danae & Kiveli Dörken review – Apollo and Dionysus

Danae & Kiveli Dörken review – Apollo and Dionysus

Danae and Kiveli Dörken illuminate the gods Apollo and Dionysus with an almost orchestral piano sound, colorful and dramatically wise.

Pianist sisters Danae and Kiveli Dörken dedicated their new album to the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus: Welcome to the world of contrasts! There are many dances, including works by Valla, Theodorakis and Brahms. There are also remote works by Glière and Glass, dreamy works by Debussy and extracts from Ravel and Roussel. What seems so paradoxical programmatically tests its technical implementation in the form of great unity and coherence. No paper matches the performance of the Durkin sisters, for they make up an almost orchestral piano sound, intelligently arranged in color and arranged dramatically with great care. Balance – especially in the high and middle vocals – works out effortlessly. The secrets of the chosen works usually shine from within, but with a poetic intensity.

© Amanda Holmes

Kiveli (left) and Danai Durkin

Kiveli (left) and Danai Durkin

Apollo and Dionysus
Works by Glass, Mendelssohn, Glière, Ravel, Roussel, Valla, Theodorakis, Brahms and Debussy

Danae and Keveli Dworkin (piano)
Berlin classics

For German-Greek sisters Danae (* 1991) and Keveli (* 1995) Durken, playing the piano has been part of everyday life since early childhood. Both of them first took lessons from Marina Khefets in Düsseldorf, and later studied at … continue

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