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Current PC game deals: Deponia are free, and Fallout games are cheaper

Current PC game deals: Deponia are free, and Fallout games are cheaper

Toy, gift, and bundle sales are now ubiquitous for PC gamers. If you don’t filter your way through the show listings regularly, you’ll quickly ignore worthy headlines in the crowd. So we offer some games that promise fun and are especially cheap at the moment.

Adventure | Windows | Free

Garbage It’s a point-and-click adventure that literally takes place in the trash. The garbage planet of the same name is home to the main character Rufus, whose story is told by the game. Rufus is a passionate person who has always dreamed of being able to leave his hometown Kovac, which he has tried many times in the past without success. When one day, while trying to leave the planet again, he meets the mysterious girl Goal, an unexpected adventure begins for him. The goal comes from the flying city of Elysium, where residents lead a carefree and luxurious life.

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Debonia trailer

(Quelle: Daedalic Entertainment)

Gul, after a plot there, but she lost her memory. Rufus made it his mission to recover memories of Goule and return them to Elysium, which, according to his own plans, is of course not completely ridiculous. The game world from Deponia shines with HD hand-drawn graphics and exudes a satirical adventure charm in the typical (self-made) Daedalic style.

The game is free until April 22, 2021 Im an epic shop. There’s also a licensed point-and-click adventure out there during the same period Kane Follets – Corners of the Earth An independent adventure in the atmosphere The first tree Free.

First Person Shooter Windows | AP 10,00 euros

GoG will only show some playable titles from Bethesda for a short time. Fallout New Vegas Among other things in The final version Available. This contains all previously published expansions for the game and costs € 10.00. New Vegas is the successor Fallout 3 And find DropsUsually in a post-apocalyptic environment. In terms of story and gameplay, these two are especially pleased Drops– Parts to this day are very popular. Fallout 3 Available in the context of Bethesda Sales at Game version of the year, Also for € 10.00.

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Fallout New Vegas trailer

(These: GOG.com)

Anyone who has already made the two classics and is looking for some action in a contemporary look should take a look Wolfenstein II: The New Giant Throw it at the moment for 11.99 euros In GoG Give. Wolfenstein II: The New Giant It is an action-packed first-person shooter that takes place in a fictional post-war scenario. After the end of WWII, the player as BJ Blazkowicz leads the Resistance and tries to demolish the victorious Nazis on Earth. These three and a few others Bethesda GamesUp to 67% cheaper in GoG through April 16, 2021.

Action & Adventure | Windows | € 9,95 (base value of $ 250)

Shenmue 3 It is an action adventure released for PC and Playstation in 2019 after the successful Kickstarter campaign. This game is also a sequel to the long-awaited classic game Shenmue 2, 2001 to Sega Dreamcast Back. after this Shenmue 3 Announced at the E3 Games Show in Los Angeles, there was a real rush on the Kickstarter website, which led to a server crash there. at Shenmue 3 Players control a young martial artist Ryo Hazuki, who is in rural China to uncover the secret behind the Mirror of the Phoenix. The Mirror of the Phoenix is ​​an artifact that the father of ex-murderer Ryo haunts. Ryo also faces many side quests as he can prove martial arts, take part-time jobs or just gamble on slot machines.

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Shenmue 3 trailer

(What: PlayStation)

Shenmue 3 Currently The Humble Choice is in a bundle Available with eight other games including Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, F1 2020 And the Remothered: broken porcelain. Unfortunately, the package is only available via subscription, which can be canceled at any time and has no minimum duration. So whoever subscribes and canceles instantly, pays 9.95 € for all addresses. If you do not cancel, the subscription is renewed monthly with a selection of new addresses.

Horror | Windows | € 9.89 (instead of € 29.99)

The seventh part of the popular horror game series allows players to experience pure horror for the first time from a first-person perspective. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard The movie is set in a setting that is strongly reminiscent of horror movies like A house of 1,000 corpses or She refuses the devil remind. As protagonist Ethan, who searches for his missing girlfriend, players find their way into the dilapidated and frightening Baker’s farm villa. Ethan doesn’t have much in common with the champions of the other RE games. In contrast to them, Ethan has no military or police training and no other special skills.

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Zu Resident Evil 7 trailer

(Quelle: Capcom Germany)

As if that wasn’t tough enough to handle a seemingly insane family of killers, as usual there aren’t a lot of weapons, let alone ammunition. at Resident Evil 7 As a player, you are constantly in tension, because in the gloomy house with all its hidden rooms and corners, you cannot locate the next shock. The terrible atmosphere of the game looks very authentic and sometimes very real.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard exist On Steam Until April 20, 2021, for 9.89 euros.

First person action | Windows | € 14.99 (STAT 29.99 €)

First person action game Gosterner He sends players into the dark cyberpunk world in order to compete against various opponents with futuristic katana and all kinds of artistic skills in their luggage. The special thing about him Gosterner The opponents can be defeated with only one hit – but the same applies to the player’s character. The fast-paced parkour-like gameplay allows the player to make spectacular jumps along walls or slide under obstacles.

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Trailer for Ghostrunner

(What: Xbox)

It is important to memorize the roads and the battles to conquer, as most lanes are very difficult to manage on the first try. In the course of the game, the characteristics of the player character can be improved with the help of implants and special abilities, so that he is also prepared for the subsequent challenges in the game. The game takes place in the so-called Dharma Tower, which is a city built like a tower. Here the player awaits the dark key master responsible for the catastrophe that wiped out almost all of humanity.

Gosterner Available until April 19, 2021, for € 14.99 Im modest store To buy.

You can find these current deals and more in the gallery:

The Adventures of De Point and Clicking Garbage And the Kane Follets – Corners of the Earth Plus independent adventure The first tree Available for free on the Epic Store through April 22, 2021.

Game packs can also be useful for bargain hunters. Due to the rather low prices, purchasing a package is sometimes beneficial if you are only interested in one address. The other packs, in turn, score points for the number of games they contain. Caution: Many packages depend on the subscription model! The following deals are currently available:







Modest choice

Shenmue 3, Sniper Ghost Warrior contracts, F1 2020 + 6 Weitere

9,95 euros

Win, Mac * and Linux *


Cancelable monthly subscription

Amazon Games

The Adventures of Chris, Spinch, and Stealth Bastard + Weitere

From 5.75 € per month



Listed on Amazon Prime

* The system is supported by some games only

Sales are always available on Steam. “Weeklong Deals” usually alternate with “Weekend Deals” – these are individual specials that take place during the week or on the weekend. There are also big steam sales that happen once a year. The following major sales are currently running on the scheduled dates:

    • Steam Summer Sale: Expected to begin June 23, 2021

In fact, the dates may vary or there may be other big sales not yet known.


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