June 18, 2024


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Crew 2 – Announces milestone of over 30 million players following Ubisoft forward

Ubisoft celebrates the third anniversary of The Crew 2 and has announced the milestone of more than 30 million players in The Crew ownership as part of Ubisoft’s Forward. Ubisoft’s Open World Motorsport Sport Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available at S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Stadia and Ubisoft ++, Ebisoft subscription service at Epic Game Store and Ubisoft Store.

More than 30 million players have joined The Crew community since 2014. In this case, the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray can only be purchased on a group loan until June 30, 2020. As a further part of the anniversary, a special live summit will be held from June 23 to June 29.

“We would like to thank the community for supporting the brand. Their passion and dedication continue to inspire new content, ”says Oliver Quiton, Ivory Tower producer. “New Season 3 Episode 1: The community can’t wait to play the US Speed ​​Tour East. If you’re on the streets of The Crew franchise for the first time, you will enjoy the best joy of the series.”

A lot of new content has appeared since the release of The Crew 2, which includes nine major updates in Hollywood ranging from Summer to the most recent update, The Game. Last year, more than 50 live summits were organized. The Live Summit is a weekly PVE competition in which players must demonstrate their skills in nine activities. These are selected from a wide range of areas and fields. Since its launch in 2018, more than 150 vehicles have been added to The Crew 2.

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Also, Ubisoft announced today the new Season 3 Episode 1: US Speed ​​Tour East, which will be released on July 7th. More information will be revealed in the coming weeks.

More information about The Crow 2 is available hereubisoft.com/de-de/game/the-crew/the-crew-2, Ann Facebook, Twitter And under # TheCrew2.

Latest information about Team And other Ubisoft games available here: news.ubisoft.com/de-de/

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