March 21, 2023


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“Crash Fever” Collaborates With Alice Fiction! ‘Musashi Miyamoto’, ‘Archimedes’ and ‘Queen ‘doll AA’ appeared with exclusive voices | player

Below is the information as announced.

Overview of the “Crash Fever” x “Alice Fiction” Collaboration Event

1. “Alice Fiction” Collaboration Memorial Login Bonus!

On the first day of logging in, you can get the “Neu” collaboration unit with Bug MAX! In addition, polygons “2” will be abandoned every day! Don’t miss out on the great login bonus!

a period

3/10 (Golden) 15:00 ~ 3/24 (Golden) 14:59

2. A “Gacha Collaboration Special” will be held for a limited time!

Together with gacha, “Musashi Miyamoto”, “Archimedes”, “AA (Agent Ace)”, “Himiko”, “Hippocrates” and “Vivian” will appear! Guaranteed 1 collaboration unit and discharged every 10 times!

In addition, a special cooperation specification that “every 3 times 10 times, the next 10 gasha will be free”!

The voices of Musashi Miyamoto, Archimedes and Queen Doll AA!

a period

3/10 (Gold) 15:00 3/24 (Gold) 14:59

★ 6 case of heaven Miyamoto Musashi
(Biography: Rika Kinugawa)

a period

3/10 (Gold) 15:00 3/24 (Gold) 14:59

★ 6 brain of King Archimedes
(Biography: Misawa Sayoka)

a period

3/14 (Fire) 15:00 3/24 (Gold) 14:59

★ 6 doll “Queen” AA
(Biography: Hitomi Misaki)

The “Alice Fiction” collaboration mission is on!

If you clear the event mission, you can get limited units of cooperation!

Easy difficulty is also available, so new users can do it! Let’s organize and challenge the units that can be obtained in cooperation events, such as “Neu” that can be obtained from login rewards!

Collect exchange items and get event-only rewards!

In the exchange of items, you can get awakening materials for the “Shim Emperor”, “Neu”, “Andersen” and “Shim Emperor” cooperative units!

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Collect “ALICE Quartz” in quests and get great rewards!

search period

3/10 (Golden) 15:00 ~ 3/24 (Golden) 14:59

In addition, “Operation Defrag” will be held during the cooperation period! Earn points by clearing tasks and get luxurious rewards! You can earn more points by forming a cooperation unit, so give priority to the cooperation unit!

a period

3/10 (Golden) 15:00 ~ 3/24 (Golden) 14:59

The limited collaboration “Unity Quest” is taking place!

The Mars Unity mission is a special co-op version! “Queen’s Knight, Vivian Knight” will appear as the boss.

Collect “Data Chips” that can be obtained by playing quests and get “Queen’s Knight, Vivian Knight” on the exchange! In addition, you can get “Collaboration Limited Two Names” by buffing Bug MAX!

★ 6 “Queen” Knight Vivien Knight

Please take this opportunity to try it out!

a period

3/14 (Fire) 15:00 3/24 (Gold) 14:59

There are a lot of events after mid-March!

After the “Alice Fiction” collaboration event, we plan to hold an event with a lot of content! Please look forward to it!