May 19, 2022


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Macbook Air probably won't be with the M2 until the end of 2022

Macbook Air probably won’t be with the M2 until the end of 2022

Several leakers have already expected the Macbook Air with a new design for the coming weeks.

Rumors about the new Macbook Air with the next generation chip and

The new design was already available last year
. Apparently, Apple wanted to adopt the more angular design of the iPads Pro and iPhone than the iPhone 12 and finally give its Macs some color other than the gold one.

Recently, leakers about Mark Gorman agreed to this

The new device should come out in the middle of 2022
. Ming-Chi Kuo went earlier

performance in the third quarter
. Now, Gurman claims that Apple planned a new MacBook Air in late 2021 or early 2022, but had to delay the launch. Bloomberg reporter is leaving now

Since the beginning in the third or fourth quarter of 2022
the end.

Above all, the new Macbook Air should be hotter — to match Apple’s other entry-level products without the Pro: iPhone, iPad Air, 24-inch iMac, and iPad Mini. The new computer should also lose its wedge shape, with the chassis being only 0.41 cm thick at the front end. The new Air is rumored to be equally thin, almost like the iPad Pro. The biggest change leakers and customers expect from Apple is the new, next-generation M2 chip. In the last keynote on March 8, Apple introduced another variant of the M1 – the M1 Ultra. The M2 was also expected at the March keynote, but Apple has yet to unveil a matching Mac.

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