February 2, 2023


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Cowana Gaming Shuts Down Esports Operations (Update)

Esports organization Cowana Gaming will cease operations at the end of 2022 (Photo: Cowana GmbH)

Esports organization Cowana Gaming, based in Langenzen, Franconia, will cease operations at the end of the year.

Update from December 12, 2022: When asked by GamesWirtschaft, Michael Wamser, Cowana’s managing director, identified reasons that contributed to the end of the esports business — including lack of funds, low or no marketing budgets as a result of delivery bottlenecks, and general indecision regarding sponsorship. doublet: “Everything was there that confirmed our decision in the end.”

Effective immediately, Cowana will once again focus on the core business of Marketing and Events, particularly in the SimRacing area. The company recently served as co-organizer of the ADAC SimRacing Expo in Nuremberg.

Wamser estimates the size of the workforce from 2023 “12 to 14 people”.

December 7, 2022 message: “We want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you, our community, understand our decision and that we may be able to make a clean cut. We hope that this transparent statement is remembered a little better, we want to communicate it honestly with you and not disappear from the scene.”

With these words, Michael Wamser, general manager of Kwana, addressed fans and partners on Tuesday night In a message shared on Twitter Fluently. The message: Cowana Gaming’s esports business will be shut down completely at the end of 2022, in a few weeks.

Wamser refers to justification “The Effects of International Crises”: It is no longer possible to perform a large part of the work. Only in May 2019 did the agency Inaugurated a new buildingwhich has since also been used to produce esports broadcasts.

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After two years of entering the field of esports, Cowana Gaming has completely withdrawn from the sector: The company, based in Langenzenn near Fürth near Nuremberg, will no longer operate in specialties such as Rainbow Six: Siegeor sim racing or counter strike Lineup Existing contracts will be terminated with immediate effect – players and coaches must be able to change immediately without a transfer.

The Counter-Strike 1HP website reports under the heading ‘Disappointing end’ Late and partially pending payments to former players and staff. In his statement, Wamser promised to ensure this “Any outstanding debts are settled by the end of the year.”.

Apart from e-sports, Cowana GmbH traditionally acts as a marketing agency and as a specialist in events and trade fairs: among other things, the company runs a media lounge Cross-platform at Gamescom He is co-host ADAC SimRacing Gallerywhich finished at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center over the weekend.