May 19, 2022


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Course: Full release planned for April

YAGER Developers Reveal Exciting Details For The Future Of The Cycle! Source: YAGER

Big news from The Cycle: Frontier! While the second beta phase was once again put on a short break by developer YAGER early in the evening after launching in the afternoon in order to implement some urgently needed fixes, popular content creator Escape from Tarkov Pestily, who also broadcasts The Cycle, Which is the time that arose for a quick interview with a couple of developers.

In this, officials revealed some plans and details that have not yet been announced. Probably the most exciting news from this conversation is the planned date for the full release of The Cycle: Frontier, which is already slated for April. You only want to postpone this period if serious problems arise during the second closed beta, which will last until April 4, and which you still have to address beforehand.

If not, there is a few weeks max between the end of the newly launched second beta and the full release of The Cycle. If you have not dealt with the game yet, you can learn more about “Tarkov in Sci-Fi Setting” here:

Course: Beta 2 is on – How to get the keys

New Map Already In Season 2 – Upcoming Content

But even after the planned release in April, the developers of YAGER were very generous with information in conversation with Pestily. For example, we were able to figure out that with the start of season two you have to play another third map, which is very demanding and should be aimed mainly at the end of the game.

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Seasons in the cycle are supposed to last about three months initially, which is why, assuming the release actually takes place in April, we can expect a third map as early as August. However, the duration of the season could still be modified in the future, depending on feedback from the community.

Speaking of endgame: YAGER plans to introduce new activities, events, and challenges for highly dedicated endgame players, but not to change the core game mode. You must also land on a planet at the end of the game and devote yourself to a mission there. In addition, there must already be a dungeon for the release, in which a very challenging boss rival is waiting to be defeated in order to obtain special loot. In this dungeon there will also be opportunities for extensive PvP activities.

In this context, you want to create as much “drama and tension” as possible. These terms appeared repeatedly in the interview. YAGER also refers to this when it comes to “fairness” in the game, for example when a player traveling alone encounters a whole group of opposing characters. Adjustments regarding equal opportunity should be made here only, if at all, to the extent that individual players have more options to move quietly and discreetly.

Similar to Path of Exile, an action RPG that the developers claim to be inspired by, there will be almost complete wipes as part of the seasons, letting you play through the game from scratch. Of course, you only keep the money you invested.

Funding: Pay-to-win is not in sight

Since The Cycle is based on the free-to-play model, the issue of financing quickly arises. After all, every studio has to make money and make sales with their own products. When this question came up in the conversation, the focus was largely on the Premium Coin and the Season Pass, which provides you with many, but not exclusive, cosmetic items.

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Alternatively, there is the possibility to unlock additional coins and resources, which in turn give you small advantages in progressing. For example, skip counters can be used quite often, where you have to invest resources to immediately complete production or research.

Enhanced insurance of your equipment is also planned, which requires premium currency. Not only does this insurance allow you to get a partial refund if your gear is lost in the raid, but in fact you can get the whole item back if no other player picks it up. Pay attention to the wording here. In fact, unlike Escape from Tarkov, your insurance will be forfeited as soon as another player takes your items. Even if it is dropped again, the insurance will not take effect. This system is not yet active in this form in the second closed beta, but should be part of the implementation for full launch.

More news at a glance

But this was not all the exciting information. Here is a brief overview of more news:

  • A re-joining system is currently being actively worked on.
  • With 110 employees, the YAGER team is now bigger than ever. It is unclear whether this number of employees will remain in place for long.
  • The Cycle: Frontier is by far the biggest YAGER project ever.
  • New maps, events, and activities are an essential part of future content expansions.
  • Clan feature under discussion – more than one topic for the distant future.
  • The revival mechanics are under discussion: if it does, it should be very expensive, noisy to use and time consuming if you use the corresponding item.
  • No thoughts on the account reset option yet. However, it can be delivered later if fans want it.
  • It’s still partially buggy for now: the birds must fly away as the player approaches and thus reveal the center.
  • The loot from slain monsters on Earth disappears relatively quickly. If you see these, there are likely other players nearby.
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