November 30, 2021


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Communications, GPS, electrical systems ... we're telling you about a geomagnetic storm that will hit Earth this weekend.

Communications, GPS, electrical systems … we’re telling you about a geomagnetic storm that will hit Earth this weekend.

A solar flare on Thursday caused a powerful geomagnetic storm that is due to reach Earth this weekend, according to NASA.

American Space Agency a Warning of a major geomagnetic storm.

This Thursday, October 28, a solar flare detected by NASA’s Space Weather Forecast Center caused the coronal mass emission of the Sun. This geomagnetic storm, rated at G3 intensity ranging from G1 to G5, was propelled at 973 km / h from our star.

A CME associated with Jupiter sunlight is expected to reach Earth tomorrow. G3 (strong) geomagnetic storm monitoring will be in effect on Saturday and Sunday, and Aurora could be extended to the northeastern, Upper Midwest, WA state. Cheque For updates.

– NOAA Space Weather (@NWSSWPC) October 29, 2021

Solar combustion produces powerful radiation. Although the harmful radiation from an explosion cannot travel through the Earth’s atmosphere, it physically affects humans on the ground when it is intense enough, disrupting the atmosphere in the traveling layer of GPS and communication signals.

Electrical effects

The event, which is expected to affect the planet on October 30 and 31, could have a variety of consequences. Voltage problems can occur in electrical systems, and some electronic security systems can generate false alarms. Satellite navigation may also be affected and may be affected by intermittent disconnections.

Another possible effect, which is less complicated, is that auroras can occur at latitudes closer to 50ยบ.

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