November 30, 2021


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The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has never been uncertain

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be released in January or February 2022.

3D Render of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra by LetsGoDigital.

3D Render of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra by LetsGoDigital. // Source: LetsGoDigital – Parvez Khan

Series of Samsung Galaxy S22 The most contradictory leaks will never stop. Already exists In his photo volume, several dissertations collide : In a drop of water or in a block, in the form of P or 11 … Now the launch date is uncertain.

According to Sam Mobile, The Samsung Galaxy S22, a site that specializes in Seoul news, will not be released before February. For those who follow the issue meticulously, this is a bit surprising as many rumors have so far indicated that mass production of the components will start from November 2021 to the end of January 2022.

This is what has been going on most recently Ice Universe, He is a reliable user of inattention, even if he has made mistakes in the past.

Which is more reliable?

Remember that S21 Issued January 14, 2021 When The S20 had to wait until February 11, 2020. However, both hypotheses seem plausible at this point.

Unexpectedly, Sam Mobile It doesn’t really describe where its information is coming from, so it’s hard to get an accurate idea of ​​when it will start. The site is humbly inspiring “Latest data”.

That is not impossible In the box From Galaxy Z Flip 3 And Z folding3 Samsung may be tempted to wait a few more weeks.

Remember that Electricity consumption rate in China And this Component deficiency, Release dates are subject to last minute changes more than ever. The Galaxy S21 FE Ghost I know something about that.

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