February 28, 2024


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Climate technology research |  Capgemini Germany

Climate technology research | Capgemini Germany

In the search for ways to urgently address the current environmental crisis, climate technologies are proving to be an important tool. It is a wide range of innovative technologies that include renewable energy, batteries, climate-friendly hydrogen, carbon capture and alternative fuels.

In a Capgemini Research Institute report entitled “Climate Technology: Harnessing the power of technology for a sustainable future(Climate Technology: Using the Potential of Technology for Sustainable Development) We take an in-depth look at climate technologies and their importance in tackling climate and environmental problems.

Despite the great potential of climate technology solutions, cost currently represents a major barrier to their widespread adoption. The “environmental premium” (“green premium”) of adopting climate technologies – that is, the cost difference between climate-friendly products and their emissions-intensive alternatives – is often significant. For this reason, there is still a long way to go before climate technology solutions become economically viable.

One solution to these cost challenges is the use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins. They can be used to reduce development costs, increase efficiency, and accelerate innovation processes. At 77%, executives most often cite AI as a promising technology that can accelerate the adoption of climate technologies. A significant 71% of companies have already achieved cost benefits by using digital technologies to scale climate technology.

We recommend, among others, four measures and three enablers that organizations can implement for this purpose for organizations that want to accelerate the use of climate technology while focusing on their sustainability goals. What exactly did you read in the report? Which you can watch here.

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