December 7, 2023


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Chief Vaillant: The heat pump is indispensable

Chief Vaillant: The heat pump is indispensable

Works without oil and gas: An employee assembles a heat pump at the main Vaelan plant in Remscheid.
Photo: EPA

Norbert Schedek, president of the heating company Vaelan, cannot understand that the reputation of the heat pump is currently tarnished: without the technology, it would be difficult to heat in an environmentally friendly way.

Mr. Shidek, the heat pump has a distorted image, as many associate it with political interference and not with advanced heat transfer technology – how do you find that as an engineer?

As an engineer, I saw for the first time that heat pumps can generate four times the amount of heat needed for heating from a single unit of electrical energy – an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly technology. But I also read almost daily reports in which the heat pump comes up almost as a problem. This is of course nonsense, the problem is climate change. The heat pump is an essential heat transfer technology and is indispensable if we want to build CO2 buildings2– You want to heat freely – even if there are other technologies around. The large number of heat pumps installed in all European countries proves that the heat pump is a reliable technology, not only in new buildings, but also in the modernization of existing old buildings.

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