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CH Robinson provides freely available technology and data to reduce carbon emissions

12. April 2021

CH Robinson paves the way for the most sustainable supply chains around the world by transforming decades of logistics expertise into technology and data that any company can use. Reducing carbon emissions. The company announced that Emissions IQ ™ will be the first free customer self-service tool to instantly display a company’s carbon footprint for all forms of transportation around the world.

Photo © CH Robinson / Business Wire
Photo © CH Robinson / Business Wire

In its pilot phase, Emissions IQ ™ has already helped 125 companies reduce carbon emissions with a total of 350,000 tons of CO2. How much is this? The carbon will emit up to 39 million gallons of gasoline.

“Only what gets measured can be changed,” said CH Robinson’s HR, Environmental, Social and Corporate Responsibility (ESG) chief Angie Freeman. “Even companies pursuing sustainability have problems tracking their emissions through complex and multifaceted supply chains. When they are provided with useful technology and data, we not only increase emissions transparency in our industry but also offer the best strategies for clients to make meaningful carbon cuts today. “.

This is a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which gives companies a standardized way to measure partial truck load emissions for the first time.

Read more about Emissions IQ ™ here.

Coyle: Business Wire / CH Robinson

Release date: 12/4/2021

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