June 13, 2024


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CD Review: Daredevils – Girls and Fairy Tales

CD Review: Daredevils – Girls and Fairy Tales

It’s here, the new Daredevil album! “Girls & Fairy Tales” is the name of the new production of the very successful Styrian band, which always knows how to create the best atmosphere on stage. With “Girls & Fairy Tales” the Daredevils once again present a multi-faceted album where folk music instruments such as the harmonica and trombone are clearly recognizable, but still cover a wide musical range.

Daredevil: “Girls and Fairy Tales”

Daredevil devotes an entire album to the theme of “Girls and Fairy Tales.” The girls also front the party band in this production, and the daredevils have already scored points in the music world with initial singles “Geh Manuela,” “Marie,” and “Rapunzel.” The girls will probably play a big role on the new CD because the Reckless are releasing an album as a pure boy band for the first time in their long career. For most of the songs, the Daredevils took up the pen themselves and showed extreme creativity.

The daredevils also dedicate a song to “Freindschoft”, because in Styria true friendship still has meaning. “Paris, Athens, Goodbye” is spreading across Europe and the Adventurers also sing of “Mars”, where they go straight into weightlessness backed by a guest singer and driven by harmonica sounds. “Always When You’re Dancing” is about Valerie’s magic that makes your head move on the dance floor or is it the dancing legs?

Daredevils: Girls and Fairy Tales – Conclusion

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Daredevils guarantee the best atmosphere And a lot of visits. They have been popular stars in Styria for decades, but their popularity now extends far beyond Austria. Creativity and courage are some of her many strengths. And Daredevil’s new album “Girls & Fairy Tales” is brimming with creativity once again. With the new production, Albert Mario Lampel and his colleagues will certainly be able to build on their previous success, which is more than great. So, kudos to the adventurers and their “Girls and Fairy Tales”!

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Author: Schlager Gate
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