June 13, 2024


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CD Review: Amigos – Atlantis Will Live

CD Review: Amigos – Atlantis Will Live

“Atlantis Will Live” is the name of the new album by Amigos, who present 14 emotional and discerning songs between truth, longing and reality.

There are many legends and theories about the sunken island kingdom of Atlantis. The Amigos are also fascinated by this and dedicate their new album to this topic. Once again, Amigos delivers a diverse and multifaceted album with songs that make you feel good, songs that you dance to and songs that go straight to the heart. It’s surprising that Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich didn’t write any of the songs on the new CD themselves, because the amigos have always been known to write one song or the other themselves.

Amigos, no love

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with The Amigo perform “Laola of Love”. It’s a very good mood, the song symbolizes freedom, the sun and the sea and encourages you to dance. Once again, Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich manage to create the best atmosphere and good mood, which the two brothers always manage to achieve with their live performances. Now the Amigos can start “Laola of Love” at their concerts and give their fans an unforgettable experience. With “Easy Rider”, Amigos delivers an earthy country rock number that scores points both at biker parties and at disco’s. The song “Marilyn” is of course dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, because even the amigos know this icon is worth singing about.

Amigos: Atlantis Will Live – The Epilogue

Amigos have already earned over 100 precious metal awards in their stellar career, and have also taken the top spot on the charts countless times. Bernd and Karl-Heinz-Ulrich Never let themselves be bent, the highly successful Schager duo has always remained true to themselves. With “Atlantis wird leben” Amigos presents another great album that will surely please many fans and once again reach great places in the charts.

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Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: Telamo/Kerstin Joensson