February 28, 2024


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Casio “DIMENSION TRIPPER” that controls effects using a guitar strap – bouncy/bouncy

Casio “DIMENSION TRIPPER” that controls effects using a guitar strap – bouncy/bouncy

Casio Computer is a company known for products like G-SHOCK and calculators, but this time they have announced a device called 'DIMENSION TRIPPER' that works with guitars.

A “DIMENSION TRIPPER” is a device that can be attached to a guitar strap to control devices such as effects. It can be used as an expression pedal to change the tone of a guitar, or as a footswitch to turn functions on and off.

Crowdfunding is currently being implemented at GREEN FUNDING. You can purchase Support starting at 31,680 yen (tax included).


  • Casio Computer Co., Ltd. DIMENSION TRIPPER PROJECT
  • From Casio! An effects controller that can be played with a guitar strap, developed by a volunteer employee who loves the guitar. “DIMENSION TRIPPER”[نظرًا للطلب الشائع، تم تمديد الفترة حتى 31 يناير 2024! ]| Green finance

  • 31,680 yen including tax

How does “DIMENSION TRIPPER” change your guitar playing?

A “DIMENSION TRIPPER'' is a device that remotely controls devices that change the tone of a guitar, such as effects that guitarists typically operate at their feet.

It consists of a transmitter that is attached to the guitar strap, and a receiver that receives instructions and transmits them to the transponder. The transmitter and receiver are connected via Bluetooth. The transmitter spring attached to the guitar strap allows you to operate the transponder etc. connected to the receiver.

Be able to move around the stage freely

“DIMENSION TRIPPER” is powered by two AAA batteries. Until now, guitarists have had difficulty moving from the area around the pedalboard to their feet, but with the DIMENSION TRIPPER, there's no need to stay there. You will be able to move freely on the stage.

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If this device became widespread, guitarists might have more freedom and be able to excite the audience more.

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