June 14, 2024


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Carinthia was re-measured in Carinthia – 5 min

Construction projects, measures to protect forests and the environment, simulation of avalanches and rocks, and flood protection require accurate planning principles and accurate information about the height of the site and all natural and artificial objects located on it. In the coming years, Carinthia will be re-measured from the air, “explains the state advisor in charge of the environment on Saturday Sarah Shar (a stick).

Measurement from the plane

With laser scanning, the surface of the Earth is precisely measured using an on-board measurement system. The 3D height and surface models are calculated from the data obtained. Terrain model shows exact terrain shapes. Artificial plants and objects such as homes or power lines are removed.

Objects and plants are also represented in the surface model. Early in 2006, the Carinthia region’s first comprehensive aerial survey was performed using laser scanning technology. Starting in 2021, a precise re-measurement of our Earth will begin, which will take several years, “notes Sharr.

Data collection for KAGIS

The altitude and terrain data obtained are the basic basic data for KAGIS – Carinthian Geographic Information System. KAGIS has been the central data center for geospatial and geospatial data services in Carinthia for 30 years. Based on the latest technology, innovative applications for management, the economy and all the citizens of the country are provided. For example, KAGIS MAPS creates over 100,000 digital maps every day.

Data is within everyone’s reach

Most of the KAGIS geographic data, such as the above mentioned elevation and surface models, have been classified by the Environment Department as “Open Government Data OGD” under data.gv.at Available to all for free use, “says Schar, stressing the direct benefit of citizens. You can find more information about KAGIS at the site. https://kagis.ktn.gv.at/

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