July 20, 2024


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Built for long-lasting performance with Shimano LINKGLIDE Technology

Built for long-lasting performance with Shimano LINKGLIDE Technology

Product news: As an alternative to HYPERGLIDE + components, Shimano introduces LINKGLIDE, another technology for seamless switching. While HYPERGLIDE + components were specifically developed for the lightweight, durability is LINKGLIDE’s somewhat heavy hub. According to the manufacturer, the new technology can show its strength especially on e-bikes and mountain e-bikes, which are often driven and converted under high loads.

As is well known, every second counts in the race. In order to give aspiring cyclists who might be a crucial small advantage in the fight against the clock or competitors, Shimano introduces HYPERGLIDE + components into its platform. The Japanese manufacturer takes a different approach with the new LINKGLIDE technology. It is more about comfort, driving pleasure and durability. Components equipped with the new technology should allow for a smooth, vibration-free, and smooth shift even with high pedal pressure. According to the information, e-bike beginners with little experience also benefit from the benefits of LINKGLIDE technology. New components, built for long distances, require less maintenance.

New LINKGLIDE technology is available for Shimano DEORE XT 1 × 11 and DEORE 1 × 10. Newly shown components include special gear arms, chains, chains and cassettes for the respective group. Each component will be marked with the LINKGLIDE logo, making it easy to distinguish it from the regular parts of DEORE XT and DEORE. Not completely insignificant, because the regular ingredients and LINKGLIDE ingredients are incompatible with each other. So, if you want to convert your existing 11 or 10 speed system to LINKGLIDE you must replace the cassette, rear derailleur and winch with corresponding new components. However, all 11-speed cranks / chains are compatible with the Deore XT LINKGLIDE system, as are all 10-speed cranks with the 10-speed Deore LINKGLIDE system.

Shimano Linklide

LINKGLIDE tapes: a new shape for cassette teeth and improved transport aids

The cause of the incompatibility is the new shape of the cassette teeth. The stronger and thicker base of the teeth reinforces the area where the wear is greater, while the modified shape of the tooth tips and special chamfering optimize the retention of the chain on the teeth as well as the easy loosening of the chain when rolling. The transmission aids have also been improved, so that the chain runs smoother and vibration-free over the sprocket. Due to the difference in the cassette sprocket sprocket, the new gear levers have a different gear ratio than other 11 or 10-speed systems. The range also includes the DEORE XT 1 × 11 and DEORE 1 × 10 rear derailleurs. Both variants come with the already well-known SHADOW RD + technology.

The new technology is expected to initially be available on e-bikes, recreational mountain bikes, commuter bikes, ATBs, and bicycles / adventure bikes in the summer of 2021.

The web: www.shimano.com