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Namaste is a common greeting and means “I bow to you.” The hands are folded in front of the heart and slightly bent forward. In “Namaste – Dice Your Luck” the numbers thrown must be entered on the game board to score as many points as possible. Who gets caught up in their meditation and who finds the right balance between speed and strategy and takes the lead in the end?

Information about the game

Moses Verlag has provided us with a “Namaste” for our review.
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Game Description

In “Namaste” we roll up to four dice and have to enter the rolled numbers in ascending order on the board both vertically and horizontally. Before each throw, a decision must be made as to how many dice to roll. At least two of the four dices must be rolled. After the throw, the sum of the numbers must be entered. If this is not possible, the number of points on the blue die should be entered as negative points. Everyone else at the table can now also use the active player’s dice, but can only enter the sum of the white dice.

Namaste test 005

Points are scored in the game in two different ways. When an entire row or column is filled out, the number in the middle of the row/column is entered into the bonus point field. However, only those who manage to fill in the row or column first get the full number of points, and the others will only get half the points for that row or column in the future. In the longest column and longest row, there is also the option to write the first and last number (half only) as victory points.

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The game ends when all fields are filled or a missed throw is scored for the fourth time.

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