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Welcome to Armonia: an entertaining dice adventure from the world of Sagani and in the hands of the talented Uwe Rosenberg. Create your own audio CDs and be the first to reach your temple complex. With the luck of the dice and willingness to take risks, you can achieve a variety of moves and create the joyful melody of the soundtrack.

Information about the game

Skellig Games provided us with an “Armonia” for review.
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Where do all the sounds come from?

The little cube adventure doesn’t come with a lot of materials and it’s quick to set up. The game board consists of 6 different tracks, each with a disc of its own color. Two temple pieces are placed face down to the right of the game board.

Armonia test 058

When it’s your turn, you roll all seven dice and put them into the grid provided. All dice of the same number are placed on top of each other and on the right in ascending order. Unrolled numbers are left blank. In the first step, it is advisable to use a quad, with which you can go directly to the temple complex and open up more options. However, it is also possible to use a double or triple type. You have up to three attempts. You can always freely decide which of the seven dice to roll again. After the third roll, you look at the outcome of the dice and decide which of the six paths you want to take.

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For example, we consider path 3. For this path, up to four dice with the number three are required to reach the end of the path. If it doesn’t work, you can go halfway with three of a kind or three of a kind. This makes it easier to advance to the audio tweak in upcoming rounds. Because then only two or three would be needed to reach the end of the path.

Armonia test 053

When the sound disk reaches the end of the track, the first temple behind it is revealed. Now it’s time to serve the shape of the temple complex as a result of throwing the dice, that is, the order of the dice in the grid is crucial whether the task of the temple complex can be performed or not. If this is successful, the tiles of the second temple will be flipped. If the second hull tile can also be served in the same or one of the following rounds, the first chime has been successfully rigged and the melody is combined.

The first player to make four discs in the second temple complex wins the game.

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