May 30, 2024


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Brain computer technology: Neuralink admits there is a problem with its first implantable brain chip

Brain computer technology: Neuralink admits there is a problem with its first implantable brain chip

American entrepreneur's neurotechnology company Neuralink Elon Musk She admitted problems with her first patient's brain transplant. In the weeks following the procedure, several electrodes in the man's brain disconnected again, the company wrote in a statement Enter the blog. Neuralink then modified the software and fixed the problem again. However, the company has not yet announced the incident Wall Street Journal Find out I submitted an inquiry to the company.

Because of the separate electrodes, less data was recorded and transmitted from the patient's brain. As a result, its accuracy and speed initially declined, Neuralink wrote in its blog post. In response, among other things, the algorithm for detecting brain activity has become more sensitive and the technology has been improved. After modifying the program, the accuracy values ​​increased. Neuralink did not provide any information about the reasons for removing the electrodes.

The transplant is supposed to help paraplegics

The Neuralink implant aims to enable the use of your thoughts to power a smartphone and other technology. The company received permission in May 2023 to implant the implant in people in a clinical study. For the study, Neuralink looked to patients with tetraplegia, which is hemiparesis of the legs and arms. In January, Neuralink inserted 1,024 electrodes into the first patient's brain.

When a person begins to move, a certain area of ​​the brain is activated. Electrodes pick up these signals. It should be enough to imagine a movement, for example, controlling a cursor on a computer. According to the company, the first patient implanted with Neuralink technology will be able to surf the Internet and play chess, among other things.

Research into brain-computer interfaces has been ongoing for some time, and several people have already had implants inserted into them. Neuralink competes with other companies.