January 25, 2022


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Boyle’s anger over Stade Prestois

National football kick off French Ligue 1 match schedule streamed on Amazon Prime

While AS Saint-Etienne is the Red Lantern of the First Division and faces Stade Rennais tomorrow afternoon, Claude Puel was in a press conference on Saturday on the eve of the match and returned to the agonizing defeat against Brest on Wednesday, with the disappointment of 1 goal to zero after a thrilling penalty kick. Controversial for phenestrine. Boyle did not appreciate the match played by Brest and announced it, confident that Rennes would be more fun tomorrow.

Pique de Poel for Brest

“Brest played a certain match against us. It’s not my philosophy and never will be. Everyone plays as they see fit, but above all, according to their players’ profile. Especially since Brest’s effectiveness was not due to direct play but to success. Team Rennes will be more fun than Brest There will be no comparison This club has invested so much in the off-season that Rennes has given itself the means to source quality players, with a full workforce, said the Greens coach who did not hesitate to say that the Ty-Zefs game Wednesday did not please him “. message received.

Pique de Poel for Brest

Saint-Etienne coach Claude Pouille did not hesitate to prick Stade Preistois about the match that took place last Wednesday. He asserted that Brest played a certain game, comparing it with the game of Rennes.

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