June 18, 2024


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Boss Katana Gen 3 is introduced with new Tube Logic technology

Boss Katana Gen 3 is introduced with new Tube Logic technology

The Boss Katana series is going into another round with the Gen 3 models and offering all kinds of new functionality. The manufacturer's modeling amplifiers have been especially popular in the segment of training amplifiers since 2016. Only recently there was an update in this series with the Boss Katana Go. You can find out in detail what the Katana Gen 3 amps offered now have to offer here.

Boss Katana Gen 3 (Image source: Boss)

Pipe logic

Probably the most important new feature in all Katana Gen 3 models is Tube Logic technology, according to the manufacturer, the behavior of the tube circuits has been carefully examined again at this stage, now resulting in a more authentic gameplay feel and response. In particular, the transition from cleanliness to crisis, often considered the Achilles' heel of modellers, should be depicted significantly more dynamically.

Boss Katana Gen 3 with new “driven” subwoofer model

In addition, another subwoofer model named “Pushed” has been added. In detail, this variant is for the already described break-up stage of the tube amplifier. With the new addition, all Boss Katana Gen 3 models now come with a total of six different speaker types.

(Image source: Boss)

Bloom switch and many more effects

Another innovation in some third generation models is the so-called Bloom Switch. With the help of this function, the response behavior of the speaker model in question is changed with the push of a button, ensuring greater contrast. Effects sections Booster, Mod, FX, Delay and Reverb are also available with a total of 15 different effects for various sounds. If desired, there are 60 additional effects to discover using the Boss Tone Studio app, which can be loaded onto the Gen 3 model in question in no time.

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Prices and features for all Boss Katana Gen 3 amplifiers at a glance

A total of 7 new models are now available in different sizes and performance features.

  • Boss Katana-50 Gen 3: 1×12 50-watt kit
  • Katana-50 EX Gen 3: 1×12 kit with 50W power and additional support for GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller
  • Katana-100 Gen 3: 1×12 Combo with 100W power
  • Katana-100/212 Gen 3: 2×12 Combo 100W
  • Katana Head Gen 3: 100W peak power and boom function
  • Katana Artist Gen 3: 1×12 kit with 100 watts of power and boom function
  • Katana Artist Head Gen 3: The top version of the head model with 100 watts of power and boom function

additional information: http://boss.info