June 18, 2024


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Bookwire expands with text-to-speech technology

Bookwire expands with text-to-speech technology

when Text-to-speech technology The texts are set to music with artificial sounds. TTS enables publishers to produce audiobooks in a new way. According to the press release, the quality of these sounds has greatly improved in recent years Bookwire.

“Auto-told audiobooks should in no way be a substitute for classic audiobook production with trained human speakers,” the company continues.

Above all, they should take advantage of the inexpensive alternative Non-fiction content, educational and non-fiction books. It is intended to complement the production of high-quality audiobooks.

In order to find the right AI to implement the audiobook, you can choose different voice colors and voices that include genders. The app is available in about 70 languages.

Bookwire mentions advantages in terms of accessibility. TTS technology enables publishers to quickly and affordably make large portions of their catalogs available as audiobooks.

“Using text-to-speech technology provides a great opportunity to have many titles available as audiobooks in a very short time, especially for publishers for whom a significant portion of their backlist is not yet available as audiobooks.” Solveij KrauseLeading the Audio Business Development Team at Bookwire.

TTS is now available to publishers worldwide and can be ordered and processed as usual via WAY. Bookwire currently works with two TTS partner companies, but will regularly expand its network.

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