May 27, 2024


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Book review of “Project Icarus”

It’s not just about migration anymore, a transmitter can report that a duck in China has a fever, thus warning of viral diseases before they spread to humans and possibly become an epidemic; Biologs on storks can indicate where an impending locust infestation is because the birds congregate where migrating locusts emerge from the ground; Elephant seals provide information about the state of the oceans by measuring the temperature and salinity of the waters; In the future, weather forecasts will become more accurate. Due to the large amount of measurement data, the flight patterns of birds can indicate, for example, the development of a tornado.

Wikelski, who some call “Mister ICARUS,” had the idea to use satellite observations to follow countless animals in every corner of the Earth 20 years ago. It has the potential to advance behavioral research and serve as a tool for nature and climate conservation.

A great book that you don’t just read once but come back to over and over again for the amazing photos and maps.

Note: Anyone who downloads the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour’s “Animal Tracker App” on their smartphone can monitor animal migration in real time and join the ICARUS network themselves.

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