September 28, 2022


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Book a Vacation: Vacation 2022: False Online Hotel Reviews

Book a Vacation: Vacation 2022: False Online Hotel Reviews

HALLEY (SAL) / DUR / jsp Many people look forward to their summer vacation all year round – after all, the trip promises relaxation and balance from the stressful everyday life. Lots of people do a thorough search to find the perfect hotel. Of particular interest: ratings of other travelers.

Thus, for hoteliers, reviews are an important factor that can help determine the success of the season. But not all reviews that can be found on the Internet are really real and written by vacationers.

These tips can be used to expose false reviews:

View author profile

Sometimes just looking at the author’s profile is enough to reveal a false review. If someone reviews many hotels in a short period of time, there is a risk that the reviews may not be correct, according to Germany Editorial Network.

Pay attention to the details of the reviews

Comments that do not provide a reason or personal experience may also be fake. Guests who are not satisfied with the hotel’s performance usually also write about why they do not like it. On the contrary, the same applies: if a person is satisfied with the performance of the hotel, then there will also be a reason for it.

Hotels buy positive reviews to get a better picture

But there are also black sheep among hoteliers who buy positive reviews to polish their image.

An indication that the reviews were purchased is a sudden change in the hotel’s opinion. If there are only negative reviews for a longer period of time and suddenly only positive reviews appear, be very careful here, the RND website continues.

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However, in this case, it is not always necessary to be a fake. Inconsistency in ratings can also mean, for example, a change in ownership and an already increased quality as a result.

Nearly 9 percent of all reviews on Tripadvisor were fake

Platform “Tripadvisor” he have 2020 report published, in which all reviews submitted on their site were evaluated. It states that nearly nine percent of the more than 26 million reviews submitted were identified as fake and removed.

The site contains artificial intelligence that is supposed to filter out fake reviews before they are posted on the site. In addition, a team of moderators is also working to remove false comments as quickly as possible.

Above all, moderators make sure there are no links in reviews and report firsthand experience. The trip must be no earlier than twelve months.

Many product reviews are not trustworthy either

There are also questionable reviews and incorrect ratings among the product ratings of many online stores or comparison portals. National consumer protection authorities have taken a closer look at many online stores. The research found that nearly two-thirds of the sites had doubts about the credibility of the reviews they provided, according to reports HIACE ONLINE PORTAL.

About 144 of the 223 sites it checked were checked, and therefore did not check whether customers had actually used the products. In theory, anyone can submit a product review. And more than half of the websites do not provide information on how to prevent false reviews.