July 1, 2022


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"Blade & Soul Revolution" World Service 2nd Anniversary Eve Festival is now taking place!  Get ready for the 2nd Anniversary Update with the biggest rewards and content ever!  | Press release from Netmarble

“Blade & Soul Revolution” World Service 2nd Anniversary Eve Festival is now taking place! Get ready for the 2nd Anniversary Update with the biggest rewards and content ever! | Press release from Netmarble

◆ Let’s get ready for our second anniversary celebration! The second anniversary is happening!
Prior to the second anniversary of the World Service, which will take place on May 24 (Tuesday), “Burerevo” is holding a “Second Anniversary Eve Festival” where users will receive a “Special Invitation to the Second Anniversary”. You can receive a Special Invitation to the 2nd Anniversary by logging into the game, deleting the event missions, purchasing the 2nd Anniversary Eve Festival special package, etc. If you collect 4 invitations, you will receive the 2nd Anniversary Update. You can make a “legendary (hunting type) accessory checkbox”. Don’t miss this opportunity by attending the Eve Festival event, and join us in preparing for the 2nd Anniversary Update with the biggest rewards and content ever!

To celebrate our second anniversary, upcoming updates are as follows.

● New occupation “Heavenly Daoist” has been added
Tendoushi is a famous profession that has been ranked #1 in the ranking popularity ranking for services in South Korea. The point profession is a powerful, long-range attack on the cute appearance of the Lin clan.

● Hold a login event where you can get items of various legendary grades
Simply log in to get legendary guardian spirits, jewels and pieces of martial arts.

● Distribute the “Revolution Coupon” to all registered users
We are planning to distribute 3 special coupons to all logged in users who can promote, evolve, change options etc for Legendary grade items with 100% probability.

For more information on 2nd Anniversary Eve and 2nd Anniversary updates, please see the official forum announcement.

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・Official Forum: Collect special 2nd Anniversary Invitations and make a checkbox for Legendary Jewels!

・Official Forum: Developer Note 3 (About the contents of the 2nd Anniversary Update)


◆ What is the “blade and soul revolution”?
“Blade & Soul Revolution” is a mobile MMORPG that develops a breathtaking movie-like revenge story based on the original online game “Blade & Soul” for PC. The full 3D graphics compatible with the original and large-scale content are optimized so that they can be played comfortably on smartphones. In the beautifully graphic oriental fantasy world with Unreal Engine 4, faction battles are fought in real time on a large scale, and you can enjoy unparalleled experiential action. You can also enjoy playing strategic dungeons and lively social gameplay just like in the real world.

Blade & Soul Revolution is currently available as a free download (with in-app purchase) in 149 countries on the App Store and 126 countries on Google Play.

◆ Download the “Blade & Soul Revolution” app (iOS / Android)
App Store

Google Apps


For more information about “Blade & Soul Revolution”, please check the official website, official forum, official Twitter, etc.

・ “Blade & Soul Revolution” official website

・ Official Forum of “Blade & Soul Revolution”

・ Official Twitter “Blade & Soul Revolution”


◆ About “The Revolution of the Blade and Soul” ◆
[العنوان]The blade and soul revolution
[النوع]Co-op action MMORPG
[مقدمة من]Netmarble Corp.
[تطوير]Netmarble F & C Inc.
[نظام التشغيل المدعوم]iOS 11.0 or later / Android 6.0 or later
[السعر]Free Basic (with in-app purchase)

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◆ About Netmarble Corp. ◆
Founded in 2000 in South Korea, Netmarble is “Seven Knights 2”, “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds”, “Marvel Future Revolution”, “Lineage 2 Revolution”, “Seven Great Sins-The Battle of Light and Darkness-“, Blade and Soul Revolution”, “Marvel Future Fight” and other innovative works, we are developers and publishers pushing the boundaries of the mobile gaming experience.
Netmarble, parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games and major contributor to Jam City and HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), is a mobile game based on its strong franchise and collaboration with IP holders around the world. We strive to entertain audiences around the world. for more information, https://company.netmarble.com/arPlease look into.
In Japan, Netmarble Japan Inc. , the Japanese subsidiary of Netmarble, provides mobile gaming services to smartphones. for more information, https://www.netmarble.co.jpPlease look into.