April 18, 2024


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Black Roses – 1-Person Placement Game, Critique, Review, Test

Black Roses – 1-Person Placement Game, Critique, Review, Test

Black Rust is a game developed by Reiner Knizia for one player where you must grow different types of flowers on the game board. Growing Flowers – This doesn't exactly sound like the next great idea, but paying jewelry on your cell phone isn't an invention of the wheel either…

Challenges in Black Roses

Black Roses (Schmidt Spiele) faces the challenges of mobile games. I learned quickly. Each new challenge/challenge is explained through additions to the existing rule and the chances of winning.

Four different gamepads are included, each enabling different tasks. Each game board is played with several challenges/levels. Due to the different game boards and different missions, the way a level has to be solved is always exciting and new.

Black Roses - Game board with roses - Photography by Schmidt Spiel

In each level, the player can achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze status, and also achieves the overall position for all levels of the game board. This also gives the appeal of a Black Roses reboot.

Basically, you must form chains of three or more double flower tiles. Each level adds more missions. There are challenges reminiscent of the classics with falling blocks. Bees, butterflies or spiral-shaped challenges also increase the game.

Advantages board game

Black Roses is reminiscent of small mobile games, plays just as fast and can be played in a positive way. It has the classic advantages of a board game:

  • Does not require electricity.
  • Doesn't require internet.
  • No ads are shown in between.
  • The only cookies I have to accept are chocolate.

It can also be played cooperatively with two people.

Lured quickly Black Roses - Box - Photography by Schmidt Spiel

Many levels also play faster than the 20 minute limit, so Black Roses is particularly well-suited for inter-games. Unless the next level comes… The only thing I was missing was bags to sort the tiles so the next game could be set up more quickly.