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Bing Boing – Easy scrolling and typing

Bing Boing – Easy scrolling and typing

You should get used to the terms “Bing” and “Boing” from now on. Because they will accompany us to the end of this text. Bing Boing is also the title of the game by Christoph Kantzler and Thorsten Marold (Schmidt Spiel). A tin box surrounding three cubes and a game log. For this reason, the box is perfect as a container for holiday card games – of course, in addition to the content included: Bing Boing!

How’s the tour going?

Everyone at the table is given a piece of paper with two options to play. But here it is necessary to agree in advance on one side. You can see the geometric shapes and numbers in the squares between one and 66. What now? The numbers in the boxes are of course great to mark or circle. We are in the middle of the game. Because whoever manages to paint all the boxes first is the winner. Drawing means ticking (bing) or spinning (boing).

Bing Boeing - Block to Mark - Photo by Schmidt Spiel

6 + 6 = 12 or 66!

Our tools are a pencil and three dice (two white and one red). One of the white dice must always be combined with the red one. Sum or numbers can be formed from this. For example, two sixes (red and white) can form either 12 or 66. The corresponding number is marked with a “bing”. “Bing” is just a nice hint for the group you’ve selected. On the other hand, the silently tickling feels lonely. In addition, whoever said something last starts the new round by rolling the dice.

With the built-in Bing “Boing” everyone knows: a row or line has been completed. Because when there is only one chest left, it will be circled with “Boing” as a reward.

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Bing Boing: Too easy can be addictive

Bing Boeing - Box - Photo by Schmidt Spiel

Bing Boing is a very simple Roll & Write game, which is very simplistic depending on the type of player. However, it can certainly develop a certain addictive factor. There is something somewhat funny about rolling the dice, drawing and yelling “Ping” or “Boing” – if you can bear it. Even those who later discover they have forgotten the Boeing sign (going around a number) can simply make up for it. This happens often, because something like this can be overlooked. Therefore, the term “relaxed” best describes the feeling of the game. This is exactly why I love Bing Boing for what it is – just a game.

About Bing Boeing

  • Address: Bing Boing
  • Publisher: Schmidt Games
  • Author: Christoph Kantzler, Thorsten Marold
  • Number of players (from to): 2-8
  • Age (from or from to in years): 7
  • Duration in minutes: 15
  • Birth year: 2023
  • video:

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