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Big scam?  This was after the studio closed

Big scam? This was after the studio closed

The hype around the MMO survival game “yesterday” It was huge. But soon after Early access version Turns out that game Huge failure!


That’s all amazing Games of 2023 It’ll end up being a big flop that somehow fits into the picture: because “yesterday“It’s not just a playful bankruptcy filing, as the scathing reviews on Steam & Co. have already revealed, but it may also be a matter for the prosecutor. Just a few days before release, officials expressed their anger and defended themselves against harsh criticism and skepticism from the gaming community beforehand. But a few days after the release Early access version from “yesterdayIt is also clear that the suspicions were more than justified.

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“The Day Before”: The studio announces its closure | Officials disappear

The peak of the failure of “The Day Before” is likely associated with the closure of the development studio Fntastic. The developers announced on Twitter that the game’s sales were below expectations and thus further development was not possible due to lack of resources. The statement stated:

“Today we are announcing the closure of Fntastic Studio. Unfortunately, ‘The Day Before’ has failed financially and we lack the resources to continue. All proceeds will be used to pay off debts to our partners. We have put all our efforts, resources and working hours into developing ‘The Day Before’, which was our game Main 1. We really wanted to release new patches to unlock the full potential of the game, but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to continue working.

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At the same time as the studio’s closure, the Twitter accounts of key people responsible for the development of “The Day Before” were also closed or “disappeared”. The impression that Fntastic gives is simply desolate. The abrupt end to the survival MMO, which was temporarily among the most sought-after games on Steam, has now had other consequences.

“The Day Before”: Steam kicks the game | Is there any money?

After a disastrous launch, online platform Steam has officially removed “The Day Before” from its portfolio. Anyone who has yet to request the game’s return can hope that the early access contribution can be returned soon: Fntastic is reportedly working with Steam on a solution to refund money to “The Day Before” players. .

By the way, here’s one of the last gameplay trailers for “The Day Before” before release:

The fact that “The Day Before” is described as one of the “worst games ever” even by major portals like “Ign” reflects the desolate state of the supposed survival MMO. In early access on December 7th She began, we can only guess. Some users have already pointed out that the game’s world map could come from the Unreal Engine Map Pack, which was officially available for $300. It’s clear that the developers at Fntastic have been working on it for over five years to create The Day Before.

They have definitely made history with their project: because “The Day Before” will likely go down as the biggest scam of the 2023 gaming year.

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