June 18, 2024


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Beutter opens a factory in Binsdorf: supplier of innovative pacemaker technology

Beutter opens a factory in Binsdorf: supplier of innovative pacemaker technology

Beutter GmbH, headquartered in Rosenfeld, says it is on a profitable growth path. With the opening of the new plant in Binsdorf, the specialist in high-precision metal processing, founded in 1909, has now laid the foundation for continued positive development.

Gieslingen Mayor Oliver Schmid welcomed the company before cutting the red ribbon to applause from the workforce. “We are pleased with your commitment to the region, and I can promise you: Binsdorf is a good place to work,” he said. Mark Schrade, Managing Director of Consult Invest, the majority shareholder, stressed the commitment of the employees, who led the planning and construction of production with a high level of commitment. At least given the commitment of the workforce to the company, they were happy to agree to the investment: “It is an important and right step for the company.”

Appropriate knowledge

Reinhard Schnell, Managing Director of Beutter, sees continuous innovation as the driver of the traditional company’s future success – “and at Binsdorf, it’s all about pure innovation.” Spare parts for its advanced technology in the field of cardiac pacemaker, according to a company statement. Beuter was able to win the order because it had the appropriate certifications and know-how to mass-produce central components with the required precision.

Schnell explained that production will initially start with five employees on site, and the number could later reach 20 employees. The organization meets the requirements of modern and efficient production, where the flow of materials is organized in a straight line from receipt of goods to delivery. Thomas Miller, mayor of Rosenfeld, was happy that the company based in his municipality was able to implement the quick and good solution in Binsdorf: “This helps Beutter as a whole and therefore the Rosenfeld headquarters as well. We have a good relationship with Geisslingen.”

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special gift

Wolfgang Schwarz, as owner of the hall in the industrial area, had a very special gift ready: he delivered a projection screen on which the first part of the series could be presented to visitors. All the guests agreed it was a good idea, including the Kieslings, along with Evelyn and Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kiesling, long-time managing partner and current minority shareholder, agreed.